Children of the Lord, wake up! Do not fall asleep on the Lord; for the glory of Almighty God is at hand. Remember, everything in time will reveal itself to those whose eyes are open to the word of the Lord.

The word of God is upon us, rising before our eyes, like eagles rising to the heavens. For what you are yet to see will put the fear of God in you like nothing else will. Live for the Lord people. Live for the Lord. It is the only way the Lord will cover you under his mighty wings and shield you from the destruction that lies ahead. I tell you this with much love in my heart, tears flowing from my eyes like raindrops falling from the heavens, to put the fear of God in your hearts. It is the only way. It is the only way, says my Lord. My God is with me. Listen to the word of God people; for the mighty wonders of our Lord draweth near. For the end of time is approaching, and not that far away. Pay attention! Pay attention! Do not get distracted by the evils of this world. I say these things to you, with the blessed Lord by my side. Depart from the ways of the devil. Do not follow those with their foolish wisdom. Why would you follow their ways, when all they see is darkness, and will lead you straight to hell? The Lord has already laid down his words, his wisdom, his truth, to guide you away from that such thing. Consider this: when did the Lord ever mislead you? Do not put your trust in men; for they can not save themselves. How can they then save you? My Lord, my Lord, my blessed Lord has come upon me with such glory. I tell you these things, not to alarm you falsely, but to alert you to the glory of God, and the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

These things I have written are not of my doing. The Lord did not awake me with these thoughts on my mind. I was in fellowship with the Lord when he came alive like he usually does. And I, his humble servant beacon his call like a Christian soldier, marching on for the victory of the Lord.

Do not be deceive. Many will come to you, but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are not coming because they have your best interest in hand, nor are their hearts full of love for you. But they are coming to take your souls from the hands of God, so that you will be lost for all eternity. Open your eyes; stay close to God, and he will stay close to you. Seek his wisdom, his understanding; for many who profess their wisdom are fools in the sight of God. I tell you this, looks don’t make you wise. Money don’t make you wise. Vanity don’t make you wise. But wisdom is the the fear of the LORD.

And unto man he said, Behold the fear of the Lord; that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding. Job 28:28

For I have seen many whom have fallen victims to their own wisdom, many whom have desecrated the authority given to them by God; for they too have fallen short of the glory of God, and have forgotten whose law governs all laws. But the glory of our blessed Lord will make you wise, that you will be privy to the dangers that lie ahead, and avoid the traps of the deceivers. But how wise can they be if they are lovers of themselves, if they are followers of darkness, if their souls are in the depths of hell, if the likes on Facebook for the wrong reasons motivate them, if they depart from good, the glory of Almighty God, and run to evil? Remember my words, wisdom comes only from Almighty God. If their fruits are withered and dry, not flourishing with the living water of God, behold, the deceptors. Depart from them! Depart from them! Depart from them, says my LORD!

But my God is not asleep. For in due time, you will see the wonders of my God. Some will run and hide in shame; but some will rejoice with the glory of God. Open your eyes, children of Almighty God; for the days are approaching when you will witness the mighty word of God. Do not fall asleep, children of the Lord. Stay awake!

May the word of God be upon his people. May the mighty word of God be upon those who have not turn their backs on him. May the glory of God be upon them like the rising sun. May he open their eyes to his wonders, in due time. And may we bless our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whose love flourishes in all our hearts, for all eternity. For even when all else fails, the love of God will never leave us. Let us praise the Lord at all time, because his mercy endureth forever. Glory be to God, in the heavens; may he reign for all eternity.