If your heart feels warm like sunshine, tender and sweet like honey, overflowing with joy, know that the love of God is in you. For God is love, and love is God. Let the blessings of the Lord be upon those who have love in their hearts, whose hearts are without guile, whose hearts are pure, full of grace, receptive to truth, the word of God. O Blessed and Gracious God, the goodness of your precious love is flowing like rivers of honey, so sweet, exceedingly sweet. Blessed Lord, you have been with me all night; many dreams you have put into my mind. And the joy of your love flows with living water, O Precious Lord; for only the love of God can feel so peaceful and delightful.

My Lord, my Lord, your mercies are plentiful, and your glory is flowing with the blood of Jesus. O Mighty God, let the world love my God. Let them praise and glorify your name for all eternity. Let them sing songs of praises, joyfully, O Lord God; for your righteousness is more than worthy of their blessings. Let them feel glad in their hearts, O Lord God. Let their tears be joyful, with reverence for you, O Lord God. Let them flow with the blessings of the Lord. Let them fall like rain for your glory and honor. O glory, glory, hallelujah, my God has come upon me with so much love, that flows more than rivers of gold. For who can measure the richness of the love of God?

Let us praise our God. Gracious Father, such is your love, beautiful like the shining stars, flowing like the river Jordan, rising like eagles, for the heavens are rejoicing with your love. May your love dear God forever flows like many oceans. May it forever be bountiful and free. And may it forever live for your glory and honor. O magnify my God; for my precious God is good. O magnify my God; for his mercy endureth forever. O magnify my God; for such is the glory of God. O magnify my God; for he reigns for all eternity. O magnify my God; for he is LORD of lords. O magnify my God; for he is King of kings. O magnify my God; for all shall bow before him. O magnify my God; for he shall judge the earth. O magnify my God; for he is holy and righteous. O magnify my God; for the power of the Holy Spirit is at hand. O magnify my LORD; for he made the heavens and the earth, and all good things for his glory and honor. Let us praise our God with sincerity of heart. Let our God be pleased with his wonderful and beloved children. Bless my LORD. Bless my LORD; for he is forever merciful and worthy. Bless him bountifully. Let his blessings overflow with his glory and honor. Let us praise our LORD for all eternity.

O Mighty God, I give you thanks; for I have seen your glory, more than the stars of the heavens. Blessed and Righteous God, your glorious love lights up the sky in the daytime. And it flourishes at night with the stars and the moon. The many thanks I give you dear LORD are without end, more than the fish of the seas. For the streets of heaven are paved with many gold; and my love for you aspires to reach such glory. Blessed is my God who sits on his magnificent throne in heaven. Let the glory of the LORD be upon those who glorify his Holy name. Let the glory of the LORD be upon those who exalt his name. Let it be known in all the world that my LORD is blessed, and his mercies endureth for ever. Praise the LORD. Praise he, the LORD.