I believe the Father — the one God, the living God, who has made all good things heaven and earth. There are many laws to follow but none such as the laws of the land, which God himself has decreed. For that is the law all shall follow, says my Lord. Though time has passed and gone with the wind, my laws still stand. For those who defile my laws shall surely die.

I am the Lord thy God, creator of all things, heaven, and earth. I am the giver of life, and I am the taker of life. Here my words; for my words will give you life. Defile my words and you will not live to see the kingdom of heaven. I am the God of all gods, God of all things. (Mikey St. John)

Initial Nutrition Consulting and Health & Wellness Coach Fee – $199

My initial consulting and health & wellness coach fee include discussion (where HIPAA is adhere to), protocol & 2 follow up phone calls. Fees are based on 60 minutes discussion(i.e. 1Item=60 minutes (1hour) discussion=$199


Ongoing Consultation Fee (Follow-up sessions) – $119

Ongoing Consultation Fee (Follow-up sessions) is $119 for a 60 minutes session(1hour). This includes a protocol & two follow up phone calls.


Weekend Special (Nutrition Consulting and Health & Wellness Coach) $99

Weekend Special – Nutrition Consulting for $99. And you get the high quality treatment Visionpointmsj Nutrition Consulting and Health & Wellness Coach is known for.


Monthly Subscription for Nutrition Consulting; Health & Wellness for just $287. This includes a protocol after a holistic approach has been taken, plus three(3) additional sessions of 30 minutes each.

Monthly Subscription for Nutrition Consulting; Health & Wellness Coaching for $287.00


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