O mighty God, who saves and gives hope in the land of desolation, I give to thee glory and praise, and honor. Above the hill thou shall find glory. In the depths of the oceans, thou shall find glory. Rivers rage with thy beauty. All thy praises mount up on high. Oceans jump for joy and enlarge themselves before you. O mighty One, they honour you! Thou, O LORD, have proclaimed liberty among thy creations, and who can change that? There is none as mighty as thee. O great God, thy honor is very high. Like the high tower that stand in the midst of men, thy glory is magnified. Everywhere thy beauty is exalted. Thou will forever be praised. Let every living thing lift up thy glory. O LORD, make haste; for thou art deserving of our praise. And who knoweth not thy great works? Who knoweth not thy mighty hand and all the terrible things the LORD has done in the sight of man? The blind see. The lame walk. The dead rise up. O Father, thy hand is a blessed hand! All thy hope shall glory. I delight in all thy ways. And I glory in thy truth. Day and night I look for thee. My thoughts about you will not fade away, nor shall my heart forsake thee. I beseech thee, O LORD, and long with great desire. O LORD, I have come to trust you like the heights of mountains, like the sun that rise up in the morning, like the dewdrops that fall and water the grass. My days are old without you; O how weary they are if you will not hear me. When I call on you thou bow thine ears to my voice. Thou bringeth joy to thy servant. How can I not praise you, O LORD? My praises shall reach thee in the highest. On the wings of eagles they shall come before thee. They shall grace the heavens and beautify the LORD my God. In the depths of many oceans, even there thou shall find honor. Who is like thee, O LORD? Honor shall come to you by my hand. You stood me upon the Rock, that I may stand strong like the hills of Zion. O LORD God Almighty, thy hand is a powerful hand. Thy praises shall not end. My blessed hope shall blossom. And I shall praise the LORD. From everlasting unto everlasting shall his name glory. In the land without sorrow, I shall rejoice in the LORD, forever and ever. Blessed be thy name, O LORD!

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