O Father, by thy hand I rise up. And in thy power and strength, I give glory to thy name. When I look at thy greatness, I am in awe. How marvelous are the works of thy hand? There is no measure to thy glory. I will give to thee thy praise, O LORD; for thou art Almighty God. Thou art esteemed above all understanding. And who can deny this? O Father, even my bones are shut up with joy and I cannot withhold thy praise. My heart remember thy glory. O LORD, be exalted above the highest. Let the whole earth rise up with vigor and strength and praise thy name. Let them glory in the LORD. How excellent is thy name, O LORD, in all the earth? Thou, O LORD God, are magnified without measure. Hope stood in thy hand. Thou look upon the sons of men, and in thy mercy thou sheweth salvation. O LORD my God, who can understand thy mercy? Did not thou poured thy grace in the land of the wicked? All have fallen before thee with sin, but thou considered our frame. Out of thy love, exceedingly great things proceeded. O LORD, in thy hand there is mercy and grace. Be exalted in the heavens, my God. The LORD, stretch out the heavens like a curtain, surely the LORD is great and greatly to be praised. I have heard of no one like him: mountains tremble before him. Who can withstand his glory? The rivers are mighty; even the seas are mightier. Did you consider the LORD? Almighty is his name! By his hand all things were created. O LORD, let my praise come to thee on the wings of eagles. Let them beseech thee and crown thee, O LORD of truth and honour. Who is like unto the LORD? He pull me out from the pit. He put fear in my ememies’ hearts. They are all together sunken into their own pit. The LORD rise up and cover my head in the day of battle. I lift up his name in Zion. I exalt my God upon the earth. The LORD quicken me. My joy is with praise. O LORD let thy right hand be magnified greatly. Great things thou have established by thy right hand. O LORD, who can understand thy glory? Even thy favour unto thy servant, who shall know from whence it come? Before the foundation of the earth thou did consider it. Thou did magnify thyself when there was no other God beside thee. O LORD, praise be to thy name, and great glory to the God of Zion. Let the lifting up of thy name be among all nations. O LORD my God, prosper in all thy ways. Even thy beauty, let it blossom before thee forevermore.

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  1. Despite the bold print that hurts the eyes, I totally enjoyed this read. God bless you.

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