LORD, I have boasted on thee; for I know thy strength. Will a man boast on the weak? Will he boast on the weary? I boast on the LORD, the God of power and might. Let glory come to the LORD. Let great glory beseech him. The God of heaven and earth shall be exalted. Lift up your hands unto the heavens and magnify the LORD. Say to him, O LORD my God, thou art my glory; thou art my life. Thou art the lifting up of my glory on the high hill. To thy name be praised. To thy name be great honour. Power is in thy right hand. O God, shall I not be confident? I shall lift up my eyes unto the hill from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. Today I proclaim the saving hand of my God. The hand that delivered me from deep pits shall glory. I shall lift up praises unto his Holy name. Yea, I shall not cease. Know you not that the right hand of God is with power and strength? Who then shall say, The glory of God shall cease? Let vanity be vanity. Let all vain things be cast into deep pits. But let the glory of my God be magnified greatly. In heaven joy shall not cease. Who shall delight in the LORD? Who shall honour him and obey him? Who shall lift up his name in Zion? I say to all of you who find it difficult to praise the LORD: heaven is a place of great praise, and of great glory. It is a place where the glory of God shall not cease, nor shall the praise of my God wither away. I tell you the truth, they that hate to praise God will hate heaven. They that hate to praise God, how can they dwell in this place of praise? O my LORD, have they not heard that thy glory is an everlasting glory? I will lift up the LORD in Zion. I will praise his name in joy. The delights of the LORD shall not wane away. Yet shall I fatten the heart of God with praises. Honour will behold him. Great glory will cling to him. O hear me when I tell you these things. Do you not know that I am preparing for the great and mighty day? Yea, the day of the LORD shall come. And when it come I shall be glad. I shall rejoice and lift up praises unto the LORD. O Faithful and True are my God: who shall deny him his glory? Let every man praise the LORD. Let them make haste and lift up the name that is Mighty. For the LORD my God is worthy to be praised.

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