Be thou exalt, O God, above the heavens: let thy glory be above all the earth (Psalm 57:11).

O Father, O faithful Father, my heart is indicating a great matter, to exalt thy name in the heavens and the earth. To bring forth thy glory and to esteemed it without measure. Thy glory is in the heavens and the earth. The works of thy hand marvel the hearts of men. O LORD, thy right hand is marvelous. And no one can deny thy beauty. Thou art crowned with majesty and glory. Grace and truth cover thee. Thou art cloaked with honour. O LORD, in all the earth none is fairer than thee. I will lift up praises unto thy name. O my glory, my heart is full of joy to magnify thy name. Let my bowels come forth with living water. Let them give praise and honour my Saviour. O LORD, thy salvation is good. Let thy right hand beseech me. Be generous, O God, with thy blessings. Let thy name be established for all generations. O Father, from everlasting unto everlasting thou art God. Thou art my hope upon the hill of Zion. Let thy name glory. Yea, let it glory. Let it glory in the hills and in the valleys. Let it glory in every corner of the earth. Let every river rejoice in thy name. O mighty waters of the sea, give glory to God. Jump for joy and praise the LORD. Yea, display your mighty waves and honour God. O billows of water that put fear in the hearts of men why be modest with thy praises? Be excited and praise the LORD. Magnify his name who giveth thee glory. O ye heavens, glory. Glory, O you hosts of the heavens. Shine your bright lights and be not ashamed. Honour God: it is he who giveth thee thy beauty. Let every thing in the heavens and the earth praise the LORD! Yea, then shall it be well. Yea, let them bow to him; for he is LORD of hosts who created all things for his pleasure. O yea, thou art fairer than them all. Blessed be thy name.

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