Blessed LORD, I lift up thy name in Zion and I magnify thy glory in the heights of the highest heaven. Praise be to thy name, my King. Because you have help me and restore my hope and my confidence, I will praise thy name. Thy name is holy, O LORD. A great joy is the LORD. I give unto thee power and strength. Thou art my glory. Thou art my everlasting glory. Let my praises come to thee with a sweet savour and lift up thy glory. Thou art life and the origin of it. The God of truth, you declare things and they are. Where there is no hope you restore hope. Where there is no peace you give peace. O Father, let my blessings fall upon thee. You give so generously and from thine own I give to you. I give thanks and praises to thy name. O Father, I exalt thee above all. LORD, I pray for the saints. Bless us, O LORD, and help us in the evil days. Thou art faithful and true to thy beloved. Restore all that the enemy has taken, my Father. Holy Father, let your glory be magnified in the midst of the heathen. The LORD is my God, whom I worship and reverence with joy. Let healing come, O Father. LORD, forsake not miracles: let them come. Let them come, O LORD God; for thou art my God. I lift up thy name that is great. Great glory beseech thee. Let thy heart be fatten with joy. O gladness full the bosom of my God. Encroach him with beauty. Magnify his name with grace. O mercy, O mercy, the LORD giveth mercy to my soul. Let his name be praised. In all the earth let his name be praised. O yea, this is the joy of the LORD, even from the beginning. Blessed be the name of the LORD.

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