The LORD reign: he is clothed with majesty; the LORD is clothed with strength, wherewith he hath girded himself: the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved. Thy throne is established of old: thou art from everlasting (Psalm 93:1 – 2).

When the wicked rise up against the righteous, know this: they follow after the works of their father the devil. It is he who instruct them to perform their duty. And the relentless pursuit to accomplish their act of despair is from the pits of hell. But if God is for you they that rise up against you shall never prevail. When they bring sorrows, God will turn them into joy. And their curses shall be turned into blessings. The hope of righteousness is in heaven. The LORD my God sits on his throne and there is none that can dethrone him. As long as the LORD is blessed with this honour and glory, let us who love the LORD rejoice. Let us rejoice; for his throne is an everlasting throne. Let us rejoice; for I tell you the truth, many will come against the children of God. They will oppose us. They will even think that what they are doing is right. Can the blind see? And do they have the wisdom of God? The wisdom of the wicked is from hell. From deep pits cometh their glory. And who shall open their eyes but the Almighty God? Did not Christ came to take away the sins of the world? And only him can remove darkness from a man’s heart. Only him can free the captives. Those that are burden and oppress have a Saviour: his name is Jesus Christ. There is none who can deliver from bondage but him. So when we see the works of evil, let us look to Christ. Let us turn to our God, our Saviour. For he did bring hope before us and shew us mercy. And he shine his light upon us that we shall flee from darkness. O LORD my glory, let the works of thy hand Father prevail in the evil days. Make haste to save us who call upon thy name. Our hope, my Father, is in heaven. Excellent glory beseech thee, O LORD. And from thy good heart thou save us from this world of corruption. Open our eyes to thy beauty. And fill our hearts with thy joy. O Father, give us strength when we are weary. And let not hope depart from us. Let us look to the light; let us look to the glory. O LORD, thou art our light and our glory. Be unto us a friend and comfort us. For many carry thy cross alone. But thou art our God, who will not leave us nor forsake us. O LORD, rise up in glory my King. And let my blessings pour upon thee. Let the lifting up of thy glory bring joy to our hearts. O LORD, I thank you for hearing me. Remember us, O LORD God, for we are in this world but we are not of this world. O my love, I long for thee. Yet I have hope; for I know that the day will come when you will shew us thy marvelous light. Let us look to thee, our beacon of light and remember from whence you love us. Even before we were born. Your love is no ordinary love. And no one can compare to thy love. My soul lift up praises unto thee. O my glory, let thy name be praised. Let great exaltation beseech thee. From the depths of our bowels shall we lift up praises unto thee. Rivers of living water shall rise up. O mighty waters rejoice in thy name. The hope of righteousness is the LORD. Let glory come to thee my God. O LORD, let thy name be blessed. In the heavens and in the earth shall thy glory abound. I will praise the LORD; for he has been good to me. I will lift up his glory; for he has shown me the way. El Shaddai my glory, let thy name be established forever. Let my exaltation never cease. I stand on the Rock. I stand on my Christ and who can move me? Let it be known in all the world that the LORD Jesus Christ is my deliverer, my Saviour, my God. By his hand I stand. And by his hand I shall remain. The glory of God shall not vanish into the dust. Righteousness shall rejoice. I tell you the truth: this day which the LORD has made shall glory. The doors of heaven are open. Will not my God hear my voice? I stand, not on my own, but on the hand of righteousness. Let my God be praised. And let the wicked move out of the way.

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