O lift up this great God: give praises to his Holy name. Say to the hills and valleys, arise with praises and magnify his name. God attended to our cause, shew us great mercies, and causes our days to prosper, the God who fought our enemies, and maketh us to rejoice, who fatten our hearts with gladness, and cause oil to flow upon our heads. O Israel, come forth with rejoicing and lift up the LORD our God. Let our days be with thanksgiving and praise. The LORD, out of his goodness, shew us the right way. He maketh us to walk upright and lead us to the gates of righteousness. O Israel, let us praise the LORD. Let us lift up our hands to the heavens and magnify his name. O great is the LORD who attend to our cause. The lifting up of his glory shall fatten his heart with gladness. The LORD shall look down and pour his blessings upon us. All our desires shall he grant unto us with grace. With great grace shall the LORD deliver unto us from his treasures. O how wonderful it is to partake of his riches. The right hand of God is a delight to Israel. O Israel, jump for joy and magnify the name of the LORD. The LORD is his name. Surely the lifting up of his glory shall not cease. O hear the voice of the LORD. The LORD that fatten the poor with gladness, and stricken the wicked with famine, the LORD that lift up the lowly and bring down the high and mighty. O hear ye, O land of the dead, let your works be a delight unto the LORD. Let the joy of your hearts bring righteousness before the LORD; let your days glory in the ways of God. Bring peace and not war, saith the LORD. Bring joy and not sorrows; for the day will come when I will judge you for your sorrows which you have bring upon the innocent. The needy walk by and you show them no mercy. The poor beg for mercy but violence you bring upon them. Hear the word of the LORD, the day will come when I will remind you of it. I will take from you the joys of your heart and fill it with sorrow. Lest you turn from your evil, you shall eat bitterness, and your days shall be weary with darkness, thus saith the LORD.

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