Beloved God, I lift up praises unto thee. Thy name is exalted with honour. O LORD my God, let thy glory be exceedingly great. With praises shall thy name be lifted up on High. Glory shall abound in thy midst. The hope of righteousness is the LORD. Let thy beauty blossom before me, O God. In the heavens and the earth, thy name shall glory. We shall bless the LORD and lift up praises unto thy name. Thou art our glory, O Father; thou art our God. Thou art the greatest and thy name shall be exalted on High. O LORD, you have given to us so much and guide our path to prosperity. Thou art with great mercy and thy lovingkindness is exceedingly high. Let the LORD abide with us. O Father, help us in the days to come. Cover us under the shadow of thy wings. O LORD, let no man stop thy glory. Who shall rise up against the LORD? Let my praises come through as light. O yea, let the lifting up of thy name be with great glory. O Father, thy hand is with power and glory. Enrich us with thy blessed hand, my God. Give us wisdom and let not understanding forsake us. O Father, increase thy knowledge within me, and let my heart be filled with the joys of thy hand. LORD, open the eyes of those who do not see. Let them see the hand of the Great and Mighty God. O Father, who can prevail against thy hand? Did thou not created the heavens and the earth? Thou art the everlasting God. Before you there was no other God. Let thy name be exalted. Let thy name be blessed in all the earth. O LORD, thou knowest that my glory will come before thee with praises. Thou did give to me from thy right hand. And from thy own I give unto thee my blessings. Let thy name be magnified with great glory. Let thy hand, my Father, be the hand that shall rejoice forever and ever. O the LORD shall be lifted up with praises. I will fatten the heart of my God with joy. Glory will come to him. And no one shall stand in the way of his praises. The light of my God shineth brightly; who can withstand his glory? The LORD is with great power and strength. Glory abound in his midst from everlasting unto everlasting. We will give glory to God. I tell you the truth: I shall lift up the LORD my God in Zion. Yea, with great gladness shall I lift up his name on High. Blessed be the LORD my God. My King liveth forever and even. Amen.

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