Blessed LORD, whom I beseech and lift up in glory, the excellencies of my life in heaven, my soul rejoices in thy name. Like dawn that rise up in the morning and dewdrops upon the grass, thou art my blessed hope who comfort my soul with joy. O my LORD, thank you. This day which thou have made I shall rejoice in it. I shall lift up praises unto the LORD. My joy from within me shall seep out with strength. The strength of the LORD is magnified greatly. Thou art with power and great strength, O LORD. Thou art my glory, the lifting up of my soul. Thou art my praise. Thy name is excellent before me. Because of thy lovingkindness and great favour which thou have bestowed upon me I shall exalt thy name in all the earth. Every day I shall offer praises unto the LORD. The LORD is my light and my salvation: his name shall glory. I stand on the Rock which is Christ and offer praises unto the LORD. With power and strength and the boldness of the Holy Spirit, I lift up the most High God. Glory abound in the midst of my glory, my LORD and my God. Truly his name is established with greatness. With majesty and with great glory the LORD shall reign. In all the earth his name shall be the name of exaltation. Let us magnify this great God, who created the heavens and the earth. Let glory beseech him. O the LORD is with honour and glory. Look at the works of the LORD; who can do these things? Who can lift up Zion with such strength and proclaim liberty in all the land? The earth glory because of the hand of this precious God. Surely I tell you, this is a marvelous God. Let my praises surmount and never cease. Let my glory beseech thee and lift up thy name. I will lay upon thee a multitude of praises. Thy name will glory. They shall look and search for thee. And they shall know that the LORD I serve is the true and living God. He is the LORD of hosts, the Holy One of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Yea, he is El Shaddai my glory, my great King. He is the everlasting God who shall govern this earth with authority. The LORD is my God: surely his name shall be praised. Blessed be the name of the LORD.

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