I will lift up thy name, O LORD; for thou have preserved my going out and my coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore. I will lift up praises unto thy name; for thou have kept me away from the false Prophets, and from wickedness. Thou have shined thy light upon me and thou maketh me to know darkness. O LORD my God, thy glory shall be lifted up on High. Great exaltation shall beseech thee. Hear my praises, O God, and let them be a sweet savour before thee. Be glad and rejoice my darling, for thou art my precious hope. My blessed hope on High is the LORD. Thou art my praise and my confidence is in thee. O Father, my blessed Father, thy name shall not go unnoticed. Thou art my God forever, and I shall praise thy name. Daily my thoughts shall be on the LORD and I shall be grateful for thy hand which thou have laid upon me. O LORD, when I look upon thee, I am in awe with thy greatness. Thy vast wonders pleasure my soul. I say, This is a great God. And there is none like him. Surely his name shall prevail. The prosperity of the LORD is magnified greatly. In all the land they shall praise thy name. Hope is upon the hill. O Zion, rejoice in the LORD our God. Great favour is upon the hill of Zion. Honour and glory and power is with thee. The strength of the LORD shall not forsake thee. O my LORD, thou art truly my God. This day, O LORD, my hands are lifted up with praises. My joys are magnified with the riches of thy right hand. O LORD my God, let thy glory be exalted without measure. Let thy joy never cease. If thou will live forever, surely thy name will be magnified forever. The LORD liveth forever. This is my praise, O God. My joy shall not cease because the LORD is my God.

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