LORD, thou art holy. Power and strength is in thy right hand. Truth and mercy is around thy neck. Great honour is in thy hand. And who is wise like thee, O LORD? Thou art infinitely wise and who can search out thy understanding? Thou art God. Thou alone is God! This day I proclaim thy greatness. I declare truth. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Thou art magnified greatly in all the heavens and the earth. O LORD my glory, let every man put this in his heart. Let them bind this around their necks, that it shall not depart from them, but that they may walk this land, knowing fully well that thou art the Great and Mighty God. Let this be established for eternity, that thy glory is is without measure. Thou art my God: this day I rejoice in thy name. Let thy hand that is great beseech me always, O LORD, that I may walk in the confidence of my God. Glory, O glory, magnify thyself before the LORD, and delight his soul. Let his joy blossom and let gladness fill his heart. Let his name alone be exalted; for he alone is Almighty God. Yea, glory will abound greatly in the midst of the LORD. Blessed be the name of the LORD.

LORD, your children know how wonderful you are, they that are not in the world. They look for thee, O faithful God, to praise thy name and give thanks. They treasure your great delights, and lift up your name on High. O LORD, let this be a sweet savour before you. By thy hand we were delivered, free from bondage, and the hand of the oppressor. Let thy name be exalted and let them stand in awe. Thou art the glory, the everlasting God and all the glory is yours. My blessed LORD, because you have awaken me this day I will give thanks and praises to thy name. With thy strength I will lift up thy honour and glory. O my God, thou art my excellency. Thou art my blessed hope and my praise. Let the joys of my heart lift up thy name in the heavens. Thou art the LORD of hosts, the Creator of all things heavens and earth. Great and mighty is the LORD, master of all that exist. He is the God of truth who lives forever. Surely this is the mighty One, the Holy One of Israel. I will lift up the LORD in the day and in the night I will seek his face. Glory will come to the LORD. My praises shall not cease. I will shower the LORD with blessings. Great blessings shall pour upon him. Because of his goodness and mercy towards me the LORD will be praised. Yea, let every living thing praise the LORD. Let them lift up his name in all the heavens and the earth. O mighty and Holy One who will not leave me, my joy is your praise. I look to thee, my blessed hope. My thoughts are enlarged with pleasantries. Thou have favour me, even from the beginning. O my glory, without measure I lay upon thee my blessings. You have given so generously. We abide in thy goodness and mercy. I will remember this, O LORD, and offer my praises unto thee. Let the LORD glory. Let his name be praised in the heavens. Let this whole earth wake up and praise his blessed name. My beautiful Father, thank you for loving me. Thank you for the joy, for the gladness in the morning, for the wonderful gifts, for eternal life, and the everlasting light that shine upon me. Thank you for health and strength, and the lifting up of your glory. You are my God: this truth you have made me to know. O Father, thank you for all that you do. Thank you for your mercy and your grace upon this land. Thank your for your wisdom and your understanding. Be our God forever, O LORD. Look upon us, O LORD, and forsake not thine own works. Thou knowest the fabric of my being, and all my thoughts. Enrich me with the hope of thy glory, that I may look to thee with praises. Thou knowest that I am eager to praise thee. Let glory abound, O God. Let it abound in the hand of the great and mighty God.

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