Merciful God, let my blessings beseech thee. O LORD, thou have been good to me and I lift up praises unto thy name. Let glory abound greatly in thy midst. LORD, you have help me in my walk. Daily thy hand is with me. My thoughts are on you, rich with delights and great joy. Thou have established thy ways of old and prosperity is in thy hand. O LORD, thy name is great and greatly to to praise. Surely thy name is magnified. Let thy name be blessed forever and ever. Amen.

Search me, O God, and forgive me of my sins, even the unknown ones. LORD, take them away, that I may stand spotless before you. Wash me with hyssop and I shall be clean. Make me to walk after thee, in the path of righteousness. Be my continuous light, my Father, that I may lift up thy glory and honour and please thee. My joy is in thy hand. And all that I do shall prosper if the LORD is with me. You reveal yourself to me daily. I am not a stranger to thy presence. O Father, my blessed hope, I will lift up praises unto thy name forever. And in the evil days, thou will be my Rock. My confidence is in the LORD, my righteous King. I will look to the hill of glory and call out your name. El Shaddai my glory, glorify thyself. Let great exaltation beseech thee. O my LORD, my heart is with joy praising thy name. Glory will come by thy blessed hand. Thou art the everlasting God. Thy name shall be lifted up for ever. Amen.

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