The glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former, saith the LORD of hosts; and this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts (Haggai 2:9).

When the house of the LORD is built with the beauty of holiness, then there shall be peace in it. For every man that follow after righteousness, and lift up the LORD in this land, shall find hope before God, and his blessings shall be magnified greatly in their lives. If thou will turn away thy hearts from the former days and harken unto the LORD, the latter days shall bring blessings; for the riches of the LORD shall be plentiful in your courts. Let all cleave to God and honour him. Let them rejoice in his name as the LORD desires in his heart. When they magnify the LORD with the riches of their souls and his name is highly exalted, when truth prevail by their right hand, when the proud is not lifted up but throttled under feet, then shall the LORD be praised; when the poor and needy shall receive justice in this land then shall his glory be enlarged. When thy hand shall proclaim the will of God, then shall the joys of heaven abound, and the LORD our God, shall be lifted up on High. When our blessings shall come forth as light and our joy shall be for good and not evil, then shall the lifting up of the glory of God be magnified. O LORD my God, on this day I treasure thee, in thy goodness that is abundantly rich, let our praises delight thy soul. Let our joys be acceptable before you. When thou art praise: let our praises lift up thy glory and honour and magnify the great and mighty God. This is the joy of my heart and the pleasure of my soul, to praise thy name. O LORD, can a man hide his heart from God? You have searched my heart and the depths and crevices are made known to thee. Thou knowest my heart’s desire in the day and the night, when I seek thy name with great delights. My excellencies thou did enlarged when the doors of heaven were opened up. O LORD my God, by thy hand shall thy servant rejoice. Let all that I do praise thy name. Remember this day, O LORD, when the joys of heaven were greatly enlarged, when on the wings of eagles did I bring forth thy praises, when you did bring hope before me, and I lifted up your name. When my heart was flooded with joy I did not turn my back on you. But I look to the LORD in the riches of his glory. I look to the hill to my glorious Rock, and the pleasures of my soul magnified thy name. Great glory is in thy hand and thou did magnify thy name before me. And I lift up thy name with joy. Let it be said among men, thy name which is Holy is exalted in holiness. And in spirit and in truth they pleased the LORD my God. Let all the heavens delight in thy name. O earth, why wait? Lift up the name of the Great, the Mighty, and terrible God.

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