Let thy mercy, O LORD, be upon us, according as we hope in thee (Psalm 33:22).

LORD, thou have fatten my heart in the midst of the heathen, even joy thou have given me. All my delights swell up with praises. Thy joy is magnified in the heavens. O LORD, thou knowest the treasures of thy hand. All my soul is enriched with praises. Gladness has mount up on the wings of eagles. O LORD my God, thy glory is everlasting unto everlasting. I will not cease from thy praises. Thou knowest how excellent my thoughts are unto thee. From the goodness of thy heart thou have lifted up my soul from hell. Surely thy name is pleasurable to my soul. I have tasted thy glory: truly thou art God. I am convinced of thy greatness. I need not another to tell me of thy strength. With thy strong hand thou art excellent before me. Thou have fed me thy beauty. The treasures of thy salvation is with great liberty. I lift up thy name and honour thee. O LORD my God, who can stop me from praising thee? I have searched and found no one. Thou have ordained from the beginning strength to babes and sucklings. “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou have ordained strength because of thine enemies and the avenger. When I consider the heavens, the works of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou have ordained; What is man that thou art mindful of him? And the son of man that thou visit him” (Psalm 8:2 – 4)? O LORD, in thy lovingkindness and thy great mercy, thou have extended thy glory upon this earth. Thou have looked upon thy own works and blessed thy creation. O LORD, my soul will rejoice in thy praises. I cannot evade thy great exaltation. My heart rejoices when I think of thee. All thy goodness come before me. Then I say, This God is a good God. I will praise the name of the LORD, who dwells in righteousness and great glory. My blessed hope delights the heavens. Thou art my blessed hope. Great joy proceeded out of the treasures of thy hand. O LORD my God, who can stand before thy glory? Who can understand the depths of thy joy? And the works of thy hand, who can give wisdom to thee? Thou will have thy glory. And I will say of the LORD, that he is my God. O great God of Israel, if thy name is enlarged: surely thy praises shall abound without measure. Great is the LORD and greatly to be praised. Day and night my soul shall long for thee, O LORD. Keep me in the comfort of thy bosom, O Father. Favour me in thy righteousness and thy lovingkindness. And I shall sing praises unto thy name. The whole earth shall hear of thy glory. I shall make a great shout upon the mountain top, that the LORD my God is magnified in the heavens and the earth. Great things shall proceed in thy name. Even the works of thy hand which are to come upon this earth shall I proclaimed. I shall stand firm and honour thee. In truth shall thy works be proclaimed. If the LORD is my God, surely it shall come to pass; for thy word shall not return void. Blessed is the hand of the LORD that keep me. Blessed is the LORD who bring me truth, even to the ends of the earth. “The earth mourn and fadeth away, the world languish and fadeth away, the haughty people of the earth do languish” (Isaiah 24:4). The sins of the earth have enlarged greatly. The glory of man have turned into vanity. I see a great terror that shall come upon this earth. O LORD, so mighty a terror shall come. O my God, have mercy on us. Remember, O LORD, the works of thy hand. Let not the saints perish in the midst of the chaos. O LORD, I plead mercy, mercy, mercy. Thy hand is with great strength and thy vengeance has kindle. Who, O LORD God, can restrain thy fire? Have mercy on the elect, in all the earth. O LORD, for thy name’s sake do it. Let not the kings and priests of thy hand perish in the destruction. O Father, I look to thee, my blessed hope; for without thee all shall perish. Blessed is the God of mercy and of great compassion.

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