Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help (Psalm 146:3).

When you put your trust in man, and not God, you will have problems. When your hope is in the hand of vultures and wicked men, you will have problems. When you depend on men to live, surely you have become a slave to their mercy. When you will not seek God’s wisdom, but seek the wisdom of fools and evil men, you will suffer. If you allow men to hold you hostage because of food, water, and the necessary things to sustain life you will suffer in ignorance. Wise men will not sit on a rock and expect birds to bring them food if God did not tell them to sit there. Wise men will not wait for their enemies to bring them water. It is easy to fall to the temptation of evil when you will not seek the guidance from God. The meek will inherit the earth. The pure in heart shall see God. It is even said, Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God (Matthew 5:9). But what shall God call the foolish? What shall he call the rebellious and those who will not seek knowledge? What shall he say to a hungry man who will not store food and water for a famine? Who shall say, My faith is great, yet will not stand in the wisdom of God? I will tell you the truth: if a man does foolish things, he will reap foolish things. But if he does wise things that please God, his wisdom shall not fail him. Will God deny a man who seek his wisdom and follow after him? Will he say, Because you are wise you shall perish? What you may not know, heaven is full of the wisdom of God. God is warning. He has been warning for a long time. How much more warnings will he give? God is getting tired of waiting for you to make haste and live in righteousness. It is evil to disobey God. Wise men stand on the Rock, which is Christ: they heed to his warning. But fools stand on the sinking sand, and say, God will save us. But why would you tempt God? Destruction is coming upon this land. The days of sorrows are drawing near. Take heed, lest you say, I am with faith. But your faith is dead faith before the eyes of God. Make haste and prepare: don’t wait for the storm to come upon you unprepared. You have already seen the beginning of sorrows. The judgment of God is upon this land. And in the near future terrible things shall come upon this earth, in righteousness, saith the LORD. I am a servant of the good Shepherd: I bring you the news that you my take heed, lest you say, I have faith and no works. Let the hand of God be blessed, for his mercy, even now.

O Father, who need to hear this message, let them hear it. And those who will not heed, I pray that you will find it your heart and shew mercy. Even so, O LORD, let thy name be blessed in thy judgments.

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