Let us go into the house of the LORD and sing songs of praises and redemption. Let us give thanks to our great God and lift up his name in Zion: He is our God of mercy and truth. Mercy and truth beseech the LORD. O how bountiful are his riches? They excel with infinite glory. And who can measure the magnitude of his praises? Surely the LORD is God. This truth has flood my heart. Like a burning fire shut up in my bones, I cannot contain it. Let it spread upon the whole earth with a multitude of praises. O yea, let them look upon the hand of righteousness and of truth and praise his blessed name. Let them remember his saving hand and his strength. Upon the mountain top shall his glory be esteemed. The glory of Zion is magnified greatly. O LORD our God, how excellent is thy name in all the earth? Thy glory swell up with praises. Thy name is exalted with everlasting glory. Truth shoot out from my bones; for the glory of the LORD is upon me. Even my marrow rejoices in his praise. Let the LORD glory: let his name be exalted without measure. Let the whole earth rejoice in the LORD. Let them bring forth treasures of rejoicing. Glory shall abound greatly and beseech the LORD with haste. For by his hand shall the earth glory. His compassion is renewed daily. If not for his tender loving heart towards us, our hope shall be cast into dark places. But the light of God shine upon us. He restores our souls in his tender love. A lovingkindness that reaches the heavens is the LORD’S. O great is the beauty of our God. Adorn with treasures of excellent glory, the LORD is magnified greatly. O the love of God, who can understand it? Who can search the heart of God? O great God that sheweth mercy in thy lovingkindness, our gratitude are mount up on the wings of eagles. We oblige with humility and reverence our God with worship. Father, if not for your love, our welfare will be turned into desolation. But thou, O LORD God, consider us in our sinful nature and thy mercy thou did pour upon us. Favour came in a multitude of ways. We remember your goodness towards us and our hearts cry out with joy. Exceedingly great praises swell up to the heavens. Thy throne blossoms with glory. O LORD our God, thou art the beauty of holiness. Thou art exalted greatly. Our hearts are full of gladness because the LORD is magnified daily. O LORD, thou art worthy to be praised. Tremendous glory beseech the LORD. Our songs of jubilation are magnified greatly. Because the LORD is our God, we prosper in his riches. We remember his salvation, the sacrifice he made for our sins, and we praise the LORD. Blessed art thou, O LORD. From everlasting unto everlasting, thy name is exalted. Above all names shall thy glory be magnified. Amen.

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