O great God, blessed be thy name, O LORD. Who is like unto thee, O LORD? There is none to compare. Who laid down the foundation of the earth? Who created the heavens, the seen and the unseen things? LORD Jesus, be my God forever. Thy name is the greatest. Thy wonderous works, I declare, that man may know that thou art the majestic God, full of power and strength. Thou art the God of glory, infinitely rich with the beauty of holiness. O LORD my God, I bow to thee, and honour thee. My eyes have seen the works of thy hand. Thy knowledge have seeped into my heart. Thy wisdom beseech me, O God. Who is this marvelous God to whom I delight? Let glory abound, O God, in the midst of thy holiness. Let the joys of my bosom lift up thy glory and honour. The LORD is my God. To the ends of the earth shall his glory be magnified. O heavens of heavens, praise the LORD my God. Make haste to exalt his name; for there is no other God but him. O Israel, O Israel, I call on thee, O Israel, make haste and lift up the LORD our God. The LORD is our light and our salvation. He is the redeemer of our souls. O LORD our God, who is like unto thee? Thou art the fairest of them all. Thou art the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valley. O how wonderful is thy name in all the earth. The earth praise thy name: every living thing lift up thy honour and glory. Because thou, O LORD God, have cause my tongue to speak truth, to honour thee in the highest, to speak the delights of the only living God, to declare thy works of righteousness, to sing songs of rejoicing and magnify thy glory, my thanksgiving, O LORD God, shall not be measured before thee: infinite is thy glory. Today, O LORD, hear thy servant and bow the heavens. Let thy glory be magnified greatly. O LORD the God, of the heavens and the earth, glory, exceedingly great glory cloak thee. Let it beseech thee quickly like a mighty wind. Like a thunderous storm let it come. Like the rush of mighty waters let it come. Let it come quickly, O God; let it come. Let it come and lift up the name of the LORD my God. The delights of my heart magnify thy glory. My heart is full of the joys of thy hand. Blessed is the right hand of God. Thou sustain all things by thy hand. So great is this God, my thoughts glory in his mighty name. Let the whole earth glory in the name of the LORD. Yea, let them glory in the God that liveth, which brought up and which led the seed of the house of Israel out of the north country, and from all countries whither he had driven them; and they shall dwell in their own land (see Jeremiah 23:8). Remember thy praise, O God, and be glad; for this is for thy glory. Behold, I say to the heavens and the earth, the great and mighty God, whose name alone is JEHOVAH is God. Eat and be wise to know that the LORD is God, that you may endure in the fear of the LORD.

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