LORD, I bless thee, in the riches of thy mercies. The excellencies of thy name are beautiful to my soul. The exaltation of thy name is joyful to my heart. My soul sings songs of redemption. The LORD is my God. O LORD God, to whom I delight, thy name is magnified to the ends of the earth. Heaven knows thy glory and praise thy name. Holy art thou, O LORD. Upon the hill thou art our hope. The rock of Zion is excellent before us. Our eyes look to thee from whence cometh our help. Our help cometh from the LORD which made the heavens and the earth. Who is our esteemed King, but thee, O LORD? Our glory is the LORD, the great God, the Holy One of Israel. We will remember your goodness and mercy towards us and praise thy name. Blessed art thou, O LORD, who give to us so generously. We give strength unto the LORD. And we bestow exceedingly great power to thy right hand. O LORD, thy right hand is terrible in righteousness. The lifting up of thy glory is because of thy right hand. Great is the God of Israel. The LORD of hosts is our God. We will remember his name and be glad. We will offer thanksgiving to the LORD in great multitude. His name shall glory. Before the throne of God, our blessings delight his soul. The joys of our praises are excellent in glory. Our blessed hope is rewarded greatly. The LORD is our blessed hope. Let all of Israel say, The LORD is our blessed hope. Let the children of righteousness say, The LORD is our blessed hope. Let the whole world say, The LORD is our blessed hope. Let all that liveth say, The LORD is our blessed hope. By his name we endure. And only by his name shall all men endure. The everlasting God shall glory by his mighty works. This truth is established forever; for the LORD God, who is truth from everlasting unto everlasting, established his ways. Blessed be his holy name.


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