Stand in the boldness of the Holy Spirit and fear not man. Demonstrate the power of God, that he who has delivered you from bondage, even the foolishness of men, and lifted you up in liberty to heavenly places, is the God to whom you oblige, the God to whom you praise, the God to whom you rejoice, without shame.

LORD, thou art God. Thou art the righteous King of glory. Zion rejoices because of thee. The heavens and earth abideth because of thee. Thou speaketh truth, even from the beginning. Every word that cometh out of thy mouth is truth. O LORD my great God, the lifting up of thy glory is a joy to my soul. Thou knowest how my heart rejoices in thy praises. Because you love me and I have seen your faithfulness and your favour, my exaltation shall be greatly enlarged. O LORD the God of power and strength, who can withstand thy glory? Thou art supreme God. The joys of our souls are in thy hand. Thy works are done in wisdom and understanding. Who giveth thee knowledge? Thou, O LORD, are the greatest. And none is wise like my God. Glory, O glory, beseech the LORD my God. It is he who has created all things, even from the beginning. Let his name be exalted without measure. The hope of righteousness is in his hand. Surely I tell you, the LORD is God. I have seen the ways of the LORD: my confidence is in him. Put your trust in him and he will show you things you know not. The LORD is God. All the power and glory is his. Surely his name shall dwell in peace. Our days yet remain because of the mercy of God. Give God praise; for by his hand we endure. The lifting up of his glory is wise. Hear me, O children of Zion, and lift up the LORD my God. His name is in the highest, magnified with glory. Look up; lift up thy hands with praises; for the LORD is our God. Let your praises be bold. Let your rejoicing be full of gladness. Stand in the strength of the LORD and in his power say things that are right. Be courageous in the midst of the heathen. Who can stand against God if God is for you? How many have tried and fail and their works have fallen into the pit? All their works are vanity. But the works of the LORD are precious to our souls. We delight in his hand. We have eaten from his table. Who can compare to his riches? O LORD the God, there is none who can compare to thee. Thou art the greatest. I lift up thy praises in thy strength. Thou have anointed me in thy power. My foundation is the rock of Zion. Surely I shall be bold with my praises. And if I say, the LORD shall prosper today: surely it shall be done. I call on the name El Shaddai, my glory. Because the LORD is righteous and holy, I call in truth. The Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter days some shall fall away from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrine of devils. But the elect of the LORD shall lift up the glory of God. This is a testament to the power and strength of God, that who God has chosen for his kingdom shall abide in truth. The glory of the LORD will abound greatly. Yea, the glory of the LORD will abound greatly. Today the praises of my God have mount up on the wings of eagles. Like the rising of the sun they glory. The LORD is my God. His name abideth in truth forever. Every work of God is established in truth. And in truth shall I lift up praises unto the LORD my God. Let this be a testimony of the great hand of God. God will have his way and all esle is vanity. Vanity, O vanity, who shall profit from your ways? But the ways of the LORD are life eternal. All that call upon the name of the LORD in truth shall profit by the hand of this great God. The glory of God is highly esteemed. The LORD is God, even before the beginning of creation: so let it be. Blessed be his holy name.

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