O LORD, my everlasting glory, my light in Zion, my rock of ages, my excellent God in the heavens and the earth, blessed art thou, O LORD. Father, you know my heart, how much I desire thee. Because of your tender mercies and your great love, thy name will forever be magnified. Thy glory will be exalted. I said that I will sing you a song. A multitude of praises shall beseech thee with gladness. With the lifting up of my right hand I shall honour thee. Hear me my God, my faithful God who never fail me. Because you have healed the sick and shown mercy to the afflicted, thy name shall be lifted up in the highest. O LORD my glory, blessed art thou, O LORD. Let Zion rejoice in our great King. The redeemer of our souls is the LORD, most High and mighty. By his hand the captives are set free. Liberty blossoms by the hand of God. O LORD my praise, only by thy hand shall I rejoice. We look to thee our everlasting truth. For all that you have done, even from the beginning remain. My praises shall be tremendous this morning. My heart is full of joy. Gladness seep out of my veins. Every fabric of my being rejoices in thy name. Let glory abound in the midst of the LORD my God. Bring forth thy treasures before him. O great God that abideth in truth, the heavens shall lift up thy name without ceasing. Let the whole earth come forth with joy and praise his blessed name. The LORD has been good to us. We have done many wrongs; many evils we have done. And the LORD forgive us from our transgressions. He shew us mercy and poured his grace upon this earth, that we will have hope in his Son Jesus Christ. Let us be thankful to the LORD. Let our thanksgiving be exceedingly great. The LORD shall glory. Like the many waters of the oceans so shall he glory. Like the sand of the seas so shall he glory. As long as the LORD liveth so shall he glory. The LORD liveth forever. O my joy has come a full today. I will lift up the God of Zion. I will call out the sons and daughters of righteousness. Jerusalem shall have glory: an abundance of glory shall beseech her. She shall endure in the love of God. O the LORD my God shall glory. I tell you the truth. Zion shall not cease from rejoicing. Remember this day, when the name of the LORD is magnified, when glory has beseech the LORD on the wings of eagles, when I lifted up my right hand with the strength of the LORD and bless him, when our love is poured out before his throne, when joy has filled the heart of my God. I tell you the truth: today the heart of my God is enlarged with joy. Our praises delight his soul. It shall be written, that today the LORD glory tremendously. And that the heavens rejoice with songs and melodies of praises. His name is honoured and glory is bestowed upon him with the riches of his salvation. Our LORD God is greatly praised. Blessed be the name of the LORD, my everlasting God.

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