Do you delight in the LORD and take pleasure when others lift up the glory of God? Do your soul sing praises when the name of the LORD is exalted? Or do you hide with envy and jealousy and disdain? Will you not rejoice with gladness in the riches and the honour of God? For the works of the LORD unto salvation is a joy to those who love the LORD. These things I will tell you; for the LORD has put them in my soul, that you may know what is good and what is evil, what is acceptable and what is rejected in the sight of God. I am a son of Zion. In the authority of the most High God I come before you, that you may eat from the LORD’S table, and find strength in the goodness of God. Today the LORD shall glory, if not by your hand, by the hand of those who love him and honour him. Be aware, no one will deceive God. And the wicked in his own wisdom shall go down to the pit. The glory of fools is vanity. I searched and found none in the midst of the LORD. For the riches and the glory of God is not vain. Truth beseech the LORD. Honour come forth with righteousness. The LORD my God, my everlasting glory will be exalted. Because this God favours me day and night, I also will favour him day and night. Songs of Zion shall be lifted up with gladness. The joy of even my marrow shall dance with praises. The LORD shall rejoice. For the children of the salvation of God shall bring forth fruit; even in their old age they shall prosper in their ways. The lifting up of Zion shall not be vain in their hearts. The gates of Jerusalem shall stand with strength. The land of God shall be blessed. It shall prosper in all its ways. Because the LORD is the glory of Zion, Zion shall be blessed for eternity. I will sing this song in all the earth, that they shall know that thou art God. I come not of my own will, but the glory of God that is rich with hope and rejoicing has beseeched me. I stand in the liberty of Christ and say the things that are right. The LORD shall be exalted. His name is a joy to my soul. Let all the children of Israel rejoice in the LORD. Let them lift up the honour and the glory of God with gladness. Yea, let them jump for joy; for it is well with their souls. I tell you the things that my God has given me, that you shall eat, and partake of the goodness of God. Give God his glory. Let his praises be exceedingly rich before him. Let the joys of thy heart bring forth treasures of praises before the LORD. O the precious LORD our God, our great King in Zion shall glory. Today I speak the praise of the LORD, that you may know that it is good to praise the LORD. I tell you the truth; for he that delight in the LORD will praise his name with joy and gladness. Blessed be the name of the LORD, most High and mighty. Blessed be the eternal glory of our souls.

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