Do not be afraid, saith the LORD. Violence will come against the Church. And when it comes stand on the rock, which is Christ. For in him and through him shall you remain holy, in righteousness, fit for the everlasting glory of my Kingdom which I promise you. Many vain men will say, It is not good to praise the LORD, to follow after righteousness, and give up the evil of this world. But I say unto you, I have overcome this world, that you may have hope in a better life which my Father, and your Father has prepared for you.

Blessed be this God who will come to me in my sleep and awake me with his message of comfort, that the children of glory, unto salvation, shall hope in the strength of his words. For his word is life that feeds the Spirit which shall prosper forever ever. Amen.

This God of mine must have his way (I speak as a man) and who shall look to him shall not walk in darkness but they shall walk in the light. Blessed is the LORD who shew us mercy, when we are weary and tired, and have not walk in circumcision after his ways. It is this mercy that give us hope in God, who did not cast us away in our sin but forgive us that we may turn away from our corruption, our sinful nature, and hold on to the rock who shall not weaver.


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