Nations run after their own wisdom, and make laws of destruction, they say, We are wise without God. And who is God that we shall follow after him? The God who have created the heavens and make man in his image and likeness, shall he not tell man what to do? Shall he not lay his laws down that they may follow after righteousness? Truth cometh from the LORD. And the ways of the LORD are for the welfare of man, if only they will heed to his words. But man have become his own obstacle, putting stumbling blocks before himself. And yet he delights in them, thinking himself to be wise. O foolish nations, when will you become wise and run after God? When will you humble yourselves and follow after righteousness, my Christ and my God? When will you call upon the name of the LORD my God and say, LORD, have mercy God, I beg thee. O LORD, give me wisdom for I know not my way. Give me understanding that I shall live. Cleave to God: cling to him; for the hope of his hand is a blessed hope. Let the joys of his salvation behold you. Let your laws follow after the heart of God. And those who despise these laws shall come under the judgment of God. Make laws to uplift the people, to give them hope, and not destroy them. This is a nation of intoxication that is facinated with drugs and will allow the people to roam the streets like vagabonds, thinking it to be wise to smoke marijuana and destroy their lives. Who art thou, O LORD, that you shall not punish these law makers? They make laws that they too may drunken themselves. The whole head is sick. How can the head lead the tail when the head is corrupt? How can the blind lead the blind? My God, make haste, that you shall find men on this earth that run after thy ways.

To thy name which is excellent, my Father, I pray thee, that thou will bring wisdom to the hearts of men, that they shall live in thy fear and in thy mercies. O LORD, I ask you to save the little ones; save them from this corruption. For wicked men roam this earth and anything in their path shall become a desolation. O LORD, the joys of the little children, and their pure hearts, even that they will taint. Hear me my God, hear me, and make haste. For the sake of the little children, make haste. The claws of destruction in prevailing in the land. They have taken the little children and turned them away from thy ways. O LORD, help them; for you are their only hope.

The day will come when the LORD shall root out the foolishness from the land. Evil shall cease. And those who run after vanity shall be no more. The little children shall delight in the LORD and the joys of their hearts shall not cease. The hope of righteousness shall be established in their hearts and their rejoicing shall be a perpetual thing. Blessed art thou, O LORD, who even now sheweth mercy.

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