My mouth shall speak the praise of the LORD: and let all flesh bless his holy name for ever and ever (Psalm 145:21).

Blessed art thou, O LORD. In thy mercies and lovingkindness thou render hope to the hopeless and healed the sick. Thou taketh away the afflictions from the afflicted. O LORD my God, I give my praises unto thee. Let them be exceedingly great; for thou have shown such mercy and compassion. My heart rejoices in thy hand; surely I shall praise thy name. O Father, my Holy Father, thank you for the joy we shared. Thank you LORD Jesus Christ; for the glory of my God is marvelous and wonderful and full of heavenly joy. Let thy name be exalted. Let all the earth make haste and praise the name of the LORD. My darling, let the joys of the heavens abound. Let them lift up the LORD, most High and mighty God. Yea, let the songs of Zion be magnified, so exceedingly great; for the LORD my God shall glory. I have seen the works of this God; they are good. Who is great as this God? Look at the heavens and the works of his hand. They are marvelous, exquisite, majestic, full of glory. My God, by thy hand shall this whole earth delight. Thy greatness is unsearchable. Thou art exceedingly great. And thy blessed hand delights the heavens and the earth. The glory of God is magnified in this truth. We look in amazement; for thou, O LORD, are mighty and great. The whole earth roar with excitement to honour God. Let them exalt his name, to the ends of the earth. O praise the LORD. Make haste and lift up his mighty name. He walks with me and speaks to me, that I may know of his faithfulness and give him glory and praise his name. Surely I tell you, my God liveth forever. I will sing this song in all the earth. Yea, I will lift up his name. Do they not know that he is my blessed hope in Zion? Yea, he is the rock of Zion. Hold on to him; for with him there is life. Put your trust in him; he will never fail you. Seek his face daily; and cease not from searching until thou have found him. He is the everlasting glory, my righteous God. I will praise his name; for I have seen the greatest of his hand. And I know his words are true. O LORD my glory, my tender love, let thy heart be filled with gladness. Let the joys of thy bosom blossom. My love, let my praises comfort you. Let my sweet melodies make glad thy heart. My praises shall continually lift up thy name. In all the earth they shall glory in my God. His name shall be exalted and greatly praised. Yea, blessed is the LORD; he shew mercy to all the world.


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