Great God in heaven, let a multitude of joy beseech thee. Like rushing wind, let them come before thee. Let them make haste and lift up thy glory and honour. The delights of the LORD are rich with praises. O Father, the beauty of thy hand is excellent in glory. The magnitude of thy power and strength is unsearchable. In thy greatness, O LORD, thy name is exalted without measure. Thy glory is magnified in this truth. I will say of the LORD, the everlasting God shall glory. Let the depths of the earth brings forth their praises. The heights of heaven, let them delight in his name. Glory shall abound in his presence. The excellencies of his glory are magnified in truth. Rejoice in the LORD; for it is good to do so. Delight in his name: surely his joy shall lift up your souls. The LORD is glory. Let it be said of the LORD, that all the glory is the LORD’S. Let it also be said: All the power is his. O great is this God. Let us praise his mighty name. Let us sing songs of joy and gladness. Let the hope of his hand be exceedingly rich. O glory, O glory, let us magnify the LORD. The delights of the LORD are many. The beauty of his hands are magnified in this truth. Let us give praises to his mighty name. O sing songs of joy unto the LORD. Let glory come to him and let them remain. O Father, by thy hand shall thy glory be established. Who is like unto our God? Is there any that liveth? There is none like him. Great is his name. I will put the fear of God in man, that they may be wise to praise him. The glory of the LORD is excellent. My feet is made to walk in the path of righteousness. O great God Almighty, who is like my God? By thy hand, which is tremendously great, let all the earth give glory to the LORD. And all that is name after thy power shall give glory to God.

All those that weep and mourn with miseries, look to God for hope. Call out his name. Say, LORD Jesus save me from my sorrows. Call and he will come and save you, that you shall give glory to God. All things are in his hand. God is not asleep. He does not need to be awaken. Call on my God today, and he will hear you. Tell him, that I say that you should call out his name for mercy. The LORD is merciful. His heart is tender and sweet. His love surpasses all understanding. The joys of the LORD delights my soul. Surely, he will lift you up and delight your soul. I tell you the truth: my God is awake and he is watching. He is waiting on your call. Cry out to him. Say, El Shaddai, El Shaddai, the glory of my soul is in thy hand. Come forth with thy saving hand my God. O great God, who can save but thee? O Father, surely the heavens shall praise your name today. Let the earth stand up and delight in thy name. Let them remember thy greatness, O how by himself he created the heavens and earth and all therein. His glory shall be multiplied, exceedingly rich. Yea, give glory to the LORD and do not cease!

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