The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple (Psalm 119:7).

LORD, my beautiful love, I thank you. I thank you for helping me today, and for your tender mercies towards the people. My God, you are truly full of love. You have answered the prayers of many. And this brings joy to my soul. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the LORD deliver him out of them all (Psalm 34:19). Father, your words are true. Some did suffer many years but your mercy endureth forever. Great is thy mercy. Great is thy faithfulness. LORD, in your name I stand before them. There is power in the name of Yeshua. O great God, so mighty are thy works. Great is thy mysteries. I speak this truth; your word is truth. I have seen this truth. The works of God, who can begin to understand them? The hand of my God guides my path. You show me things that I knew not. O Father, who can take away the love of my God? For truly this God is faithful in all his ways. O LORD, for your glory and honour, the joys of heaven will blossom with gladness. The joys of the LORD are magnified in this truth. His praises are multiplied infinitely. Let this glory make haste and beseech my God. Let the joys of his heart be magnified without measure. O heaven of heavens, the glory of the LORD is magnified in truth. Lift up his name without ceasing. Let the whole earth rise up with thy praises. Let the joys of his bosom be abundantly rich. O glory, magnified in truth, today is your day to lift up the name of the LORD and honour my God. Tarry no more. The heavens will rejoice in thy name. The beauty of holiness blossoms marvelously. The LORD is the beauty of holiness. O Father, I lift up my hand with thy praises. I beseech thee with my right hand; for thou keep me with thy right hand. Thy right hand is a strong hand. With strength thou did lift up my glory. From the place of worry to the place of joy, thou carry me. Thou restore my hope and my confidence. Surely thy name will be praised. The goodness of the LORD is marvelous before me. The LORD help the people: this brings joy to my soul. O Father, you are a good God. Continue to show mercy. Walk with me and talk with me. Enrich my life for your glory and honour. I pray that those who have seen your mercy will come to know you. That they will surrender their hearts to you because you desire that none shall perish. O great God, I know you hear me. Thank you!

O God, some did resist at first, lacking faith and obedience unto thy glory. But I know you sent them and you said, Upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. O Father, I have seen the lifting up of your glory. Who is the LORD, but my God? Who shall dwell in this righteous hope, but my God? O LORD, your love in me is beaming with excitement. I cannot hold back your praises. I am eager to release them. Let them go quickly and beseech my God. Let them go to my God in the highest heaven and encroach him. Let his glory be magnified. O LORD, I thank you for the many healings. Thou that giveth sight to your daughter, shall she not see and glorify thy name? You know to whom I speak of, my LORD. But I have seen your glory today and your compassion, truly the hand of God is marvelous. I am confident in thy hand! O Father, you know I am. How precious is the hand of my God? Truly, thy works shall touch the hearts of many. The glory of God shall be magnified: they shall tell of his mercy. Let his riches come through with hope; for when men fail my God prevails! Blessed be the name of the LORD my God. His name is highly esteemed in all the land. The whole earth shall give up his praise. Father, I give thanks for those who came, who suffered for many years. But thou shew mercy to the afflicted. O LORD, by thy hand your glory is magnified. Blessed art thou, O LORD, who healed the sick, and taketh away the tears from their eyes. Thou give them hope that their strength shall be renewed. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They trusted in you; you were their hope. When men failed them, they looked to thee. Thou art the mighty healer. All things are in thy hand and nothing is impossible for my God. Surely thy praises shall be esteemed with glory. So high shall thy name be lifted up in the heavens. The LORD, who is my God, shall be magnified in truth. I tell you, the instrument of my joy abides faithfully. By his hand the people rejoice. They lift up his name like a high tower. Blessed be the name of the LORD my God. Forever and ever, let his name be magnified.


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