Heavenly Father, I cried like a little child for his mother’s breast. I am not ashamed to call out your name. For I know my God has ears and he will hear me. You made me and put your confidence  in my heart. I know no other way. My hope is in thee; for when I did call thou did answer me. My confidence is in thee. Who shall I run to, O LORD? Who can save me in this strange land of pilgrims? I am a stranger and I know no other God who can save.  O glory, thou art the Almighty God. This is thy name. I have not look to thy servant but I looked to thee; for thou art the most High God. Shall a man fail in this endeavor if he seek the face of God? You have taught me many things, O LORD. I am your student. Teach me your ways; for your ways are excellent before me. I have seen glory in thy hand, O God. You have not hid yourself from me. This has bring me joy, exceedingly rich with the treasures of my God. If I shall glory it is by your hand. This is my desire; for I desire no one else. Consider this my God; for you have mold me into who I am. I am thy servant; by thy hand I rise. I will turn to the LORD who considered me and did not leave me into the hands of the vultures. My God, you are truly my God. And there is no turning back now. You are mine and I am yours. This shall be forever. LORD, you are my glory and this is my joy!


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