This is the song I sing of the LORD. He has given me salvation and make my soul to rejoice. He has bestowed his honour and glory upon the chosen, even from the beginning. The elect shall glory; for the Ancient of days has considered them his everlasting joy. Stand in this truth, O Zion, and sing songs unto the LORD. Speak of his riches and his glory and his might. Upon the pillars did he not laid down the foundation of the earth? The blessed hand of our LORD is excellent in all his ways. Oceans swell up with waves. Rivers rage with his praises. The clouds come down with his rain. Stars of the night, stars of glory, make haste and speak of thy joy. Speak of the glory of the hand that is blessed forever. Yea, shine your light upon this earth with his mighty wonders. O LORD of glory, LORD of hope, blessed is thy name. The riches and the honour of the day dawn with thy beauty. So marvelous is the hand of the LORD. Truly my heart is pleased in all his works. For who shall know the end of his glory? There is no end to his glory. Or who shall know when it had begun? For great is the mystery of the everlasting God. His glory is esteemed highly. By his hand the heavens and the earth were created. By his hand he made man into his image and glory. And by that same token of his wisdom shall man dwell in the place of righteousness. For as it was in the beginning so shall it be also in the end. The image of righteousness is the image of God. Unless a man is in the image of God he shall not enter the kingdom of God. Hear me, O children of God and flee from the sins of this world. Lift up thy hands with praises and give thanks and praises to his mighty name. Let his glory abound in the presence of holiness. The LORD is excellent in glory. Who is wise but thee, O LORD? Who have understanding that they shall live? Do they not know that the image of corruption is the image of sin unto eternal damnation? Thy glory shall abide in righteousness. Truth shall abound by thy hand only. For in truth thou did make man. In truth thou did give him dominion over the fish of the sea, the fowl of the air, and all the earth. And by truth thou sheweth salvation to restore thy glory unto man as it was in the beginning. By thy glory shall man live. In the image of righteousness shall they rejoice. Let the people rejoice in truth. For who shall rejoice unto damnation? Let the children of the Kingdom of thy glory praise thy blessed name; for they, O LORD God, are thy image unto eternal glory. Blessed be the name of the LORD. Blessed be the wise one, the everlasting God!

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