Devine God and Father, in whose hands cometh all truth. Make known to thy servant the things I do not know. For who shall glory but the most High and mighty God. Teach us what is truth and expose the lies of the enemies. All those who excel themselves in might and glory who have turned against thy truth, let them not prevail. For thou art LORD God, who have created the heavens and the earth and have created man in your image and likeness. Thy image is an image of obedience unto thy glory. Thy image is an image of excellence unto thy glory. Who shall hope in the wisdom of corruption, let him not prevail. But who shall hope in the wisdom of God, let him have victory. Glory will come, not by the hand of man, but by the hand of the living God. Let his praises be magnified. Let his glory be esteemed above all glories. O LORD, of my forefathers, great and mighty is thy name. Let the wisdom of my God come through like a shining light. Let the excellencies and the strength and power of the Almighty God be the knowledge of truth and of glory. Abounding with beauty, marvelous in all his ways, the LORD is mighty in words. He speaks truths and they are. He brings forth hope and glory before men. He shew them things they do not know. Teach me LORD, that I may please thee. Show me thy ways and I will rejoice in thy glory. Thou shall be kept on High. Thy name is exalted above all names. O great God of Zion, the hope of Israel. I am thy servant, rich with an heritage of my beloved God. Because you favour my people, remember, O LORD God, the blood line of Israel. Let us come to thee, O God, because you have spoken truth, even from the beginning. O Father, heavenly art thou. Holy and righteous and true is the everlasting God. Let us seek thy truth and magnified thy glory. Who is our God? He has spoken truth and not corrupt the minds of men. Let us hope in what is right and just and pure. If it comes from you then we shall oblige. And if it does not come from you, surely it shall go down into the pit. We will bless the LORD who is our God. True and wise is his ways. Let us bring forth the treasures of thy joy in thy midst. O LORD, I give thanks because you have open my eyes to more of thy truths. Thy name is blessed forever, exalted beyond measure. Glory will abound in thy name. Glory will forever be magnified in thy presence. O LORD, thou art my joy and my praise. Blessed be the name of the LORD!

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