My LORD is mighty and great. In Zion he is magnified in glory forever. With riches exceedingly great, the LORD prospers. My heart rejoices; for I am glad. The beauty of holiness is my God. O LORD, great and mighty is thy name. Holy is the God of Israel. By thy hand, O LORD, we hope in a wonderful hope. My darling, put on thy crown of honour and glory. Truth beseeches thee. Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding is in thy midst. Honour and glory are magnified forever. O Father, all thy riches are marvelous before me. I am in awe with thy beauty. Let it rain; let it rain; let it rain. Let the blessings of my God rain with infinite glory. O blessed LORD, thou art my right hand. Strong and mighty is the God that I desire. Upon the rock my God stand with strength. His enemies are consumed with fire. Fire of the living God before them. Fire of the living God behind them. Fire of the living God consume them. Glory is the LORD, most High and mighty. Glory is the blessed hope upon the rock. Glory is the God in the highest heaven. Glory, abounding glory is everywhere. I look to the heavens and find my God. Holy is the God Almighty. Who can do the things he does? There is none. By his hand he created the heavens and the earth. By his hand he made man in his glory and image. By his hand shall man live or die. The LORD is mighty and powerful. Behold I bring before you the great Creator, full of power and glory and strength. He destroy kingdoms that stand up against him. He make them flee with fear. They crumble before him like dust. Desolation beseech those who stand against him. The LORD is mighty and powerful. Great is the God in the heavens. Mighty is the name of the LORD. I see joy in Zion, praises everywhere. The hand of God is blessed forever. Glory will come but by the hand of Almighty God. Hope will come by his hand; for he is the blessed hope. I lift up my LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ. I lift up his name above all names. In Zion his praises are magnified forever. O LORD, my beauty, my darling, my everlasting God, live forever my God.


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