The LORD cometh from Zion, with gifts, exceedingly rich with the glory of God. Upon the rock the mighty King stands strong. With hopeful glory in his right hand, the children of Zion rejoice in their King. Like glory from above, mighty and great, our LORD blossoms. There is no end to his glory. Everywhere is the glory of the LORD. His dwelling place is holy and who shall rejoice by his hand? O LORD, the children look to thee. We all look to thee, our heavenly Father; for there is none that loveth as our God. There is none that gives joy as our God. The LORD on High is wonderful. Glory is his name. Praises exceedingly rich beseech him. The honour and glory of our souls is the LORD. He is the blessed hope. O Saviour, our LORD, rejoice. Rejoice in the land of thy praises. Rejoice in the heaven of heavens. Let thy name be magnified forever. Truly thy hand is a blessed hand. Hope in the LORD; lift up his glory and honour. Stand up, you courageous soldiers of God. Stand up with his armor and strength. Let his glory abound in the heavens. O mighty God on High, stretch forth thy hands and receive thy praises. Let thy glory abound. Let it abound mightly. Then shall I say, it is well in the presence of the LORD. Bring before the LORD glory. Bring all the treasures of thy bosom and lift up his mighty name. Glory, O glory, thou art glory forever. By thy hand shall this world stand in truth. By thy hand shall a man’s heart rejoice and tremble in the reverence of God. O Father, mighty and great God, only by thy hands shall the heavens be lifted up on High. Thou, O LORD, are truly my glory. Let thy glory abound. Let it not cease. O the joys of the heaven, let it abide forever. Then I shall be glad, and say, in all the land the LORD is magnified.


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