My precious LORD, I live to praise thy name. What joy you have put into my heart?  O Father, thy desire pleases me. Who knows best but thee, O LORD? Use me for thy joy and the lifting up of thy glory. O LORD, my hope, my beauty on High, thou art my praise and my glory. O heaven, hear the voice of your servant. Make haste and lift up the LORD on High. Magnify his beauty with joy. Be excessive and exceedingly well with gladness. The LORD rejoices, this is our joy. In his wisdom, knowledge, and understanding he created the heavens and the earth. Look at his glory, the delights of his hand. With his beautiful hand he made man. It is he who shall glory. Make known of his mighty wonders in all the land. Say to the people, who is great but the mighty One? The LORD, most mighty and great, created everything in the heavens and the earth. Who can do these things? There is none but JEHOVAH. He is my LORD, my God, and my King. Glory must come by his hand. O my darling, hear me in the highest heaven and glorify thyself. Thou art esteemed in glory forever. Truly thy name is my praise. Thy joy is my life. I am in awe with you my darling. You are my first love. O how I love you. Thou know my thoughts unto thee and the joys of my heart that blossom with thy glory. O praise the LORD if you love him. Delight in all his ways. Worship him; adore him; honour him. He is our joy. He is our sustenance. Day and night he keeps us. Under the shadow of his wings we seek refuge. The LORD is our protector, our redeemer, our deliverer. O LORD my God, let not your praises cease. Let my hand lift up thy glory in all the land. Grant me this favour, my God. Let my honour be your honour, O LORD my God, that the lifting up of thy joy shall be from everlasting unto everlasting. To you, glory without end. My darling, thy beauty shall blossom for all eternity. Thou art the blessed One who have put this truth in my heart. It shall remain as a testament to thy greatness. Thy power and strength shall not be diminish, nor shall thy truth. Even from the beginning thou speak truth. And this truth stand the test of time. We glory because of this truth. Thy truth shall remain; for you have spoken it in thy power and glory. Forever thy name shall be exalted and my heart shall rejoice with thee.


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