O LORD my God, thou art forever magnified in strength. Thou art forever magnified in glory. Thou art forever magnified in truth. Thou stood on High with power. All of it is yours. The world shall know this truth. All else are imposters, imitators, liars, and cheaters. They shall all be destroyed. They and their powers shall go down into the pit. But thine power is eternal. Thy power is esteemed with everlasting glory. Thou art the truth, the way, and the life. Thou art King forever. Only thy name shall remain. Only thy glory shall be exalted with greatness. Let it be known in all the world that the LORD God Almighty is esteemed in glory forever. Upon the hill of Zion the LORD Almighty is supreme. All shall bow to this great King; for he is King of kings. The most High is exalted forever.

O LORD, thou art terrible in righteousness. And no one is esteemed in this truth but thee. Let glory cloak thee. Let honour beseech thee. Bless his name, O saints of the Saviour. Praise him, O children of God. The greatness of the LORD is forever. Thy strong arm shall be exalted forever, my God. And thy glory is esteemed with an abundance of riches. Beauty and excellencies are in thy dwelling place. Thy holiness, O LORD, is esteemed forever. The glory of the LORD is magnified. The heavens rejoice in his name. Him alone is King. Him alone is glory. Him alone is LORD God Almighty. It was him alone who created the heavens and the earth. The glory is the LORD’S. Let no one say, I am great but the LORD. The LORD lifts up his hand to the heaven and say, “I live for ever”. Let it be known that this is Almighty God. Mighty and great are the blessed hope. The LORD is the blessed hope. In all the land his name is declared before the sons of men. The people know the works of Almighty God. They know that he is the most High. The good news is preached before them. They hear about his mercy and grace. His lovingkindness and righteousness in their heights and glory are made known to them. The salvation and the saving strength of our LORD give hope to the hopeless. The judgement of the LORD is beautiful before the eyes of the righteous. They adore him. They are in awe with him. They speak of him with reverence and joy. They obey him. The LORD is a lamp unto their path. They look to him. His countenance is before them. The beauty of holiness is our God. He is my King and my righteousness. He is my everlasting glory. He is glory upon glory. The strength of Zion is the LORD. Mountains bow to him; they give him his glory. The glory of the LORD is magnified forever. Truth shall come by the hand of the living God. Strength is the LORD. The LORD is strong. We stand on the rock of Zion. O children of Almighty God, lift up your hands with rejoicing. Praise the name of the LORD our God. Exalt him; honour him; worship him; delight in his greatness. All the power and glory belong to him. Lift up his name in the highest.

Proclaim the strength of the LORD. Talk about how he delivered your souls from bondage and freed your hearts from the captives. The mighty hand of God is with us. His lovingkindness and mercies are virtues of his blessed hand. The LORD is exalted forever. This truth shall never be demolished. O praise the LORD, the great and mighty God. Bless him, O children of Zion. Exalt him forever. Let all his days prosper with joy. His delights are marvelous. We rejoice in his judgments; for the hand of God bring forth truth. O bless him; exalt him; magnify his glory. Say to him, My blessed love, my darling, my sunshine upon the hill, my rock of ages, my everlasting hope, let thy glory be magnified today and forevermore. Let thy glory be exalted without measure. Great is thy name, O God. Mighty is thy name, O God. JEHOVAH is thy name, my God. Marvelous is thy right hand. Because thy hand created the heavens and the earth, thy hand is esteemed in glory forever and ever. Amen. Lift up thy glory on High, O LORD. Thou art LORD of lords and God of gods. Thy name is esteemed above all others. O praise the LORD with me, all ye nations that fear him. Sing songs of jubilation and offer praises without ceasing. He is the everlasting LORD, the everlasting King, the everlasting God. Yea, his name is most High!

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