O LORD, who is mighty and great but thee? Who is the glory on High, the never ending beauty? Thou art the glory on High. Thou art everlasting unto everlasting God. Thou art my holiness. Thou art my righteousness. The heavens rejoice in thy name. The earth sing songs of praises, and rejoice. Thou art whom we reverence. The delights of our souls is magnified in glory. The LORD is the delights of our souls. We reverence him. We look to him; for he is our hope and our strength. By his hand shall the meek rejoice. The humble shall see it and be glad. The poor find justice in the LORD; he will not forsake them. In all the land thy name is exalted forever. This truth stood up on high and who shall bring it down? Forever thy name is excellent. Who is King but thee, O LORD? Who is glory but thee, O LORD? Thou art the everlasting King and the everlasting glory. Thou art my God, magnified in truth. All shall dwell in peace who attend to the cause of the LORD. Who adhere to his mercy and grace, they shall prosper. Who takes not the word of God for granted but stand on the truth like a soldier of God shall not be defeated. The glory of the LORD is magnified in this truth. Thus saith the LORD, Hear me my people; why cover thy ears? Will though find safety in the hands of the wicked? I am the LORD your God. There is none but me who can deliver. I am he that created the heavens and the earth and all things that therein. I am the LORD your God. I declare things that are right. I bring hope where there is none. I put gladness in your hearts and remove the sorrows. I am he, the everlasting glory of righteousness and of hope. Hearken to me and I shall comfort you. I shall show you the things you knew not and make your way to prosper.

The great and mighty God is LORD. Thou art the blessed hope. Thou art the joy of my salvation. The heavens and earth rejoice in thy name. Thou art glory. Thou art the hope of righteousness and of truth. Thy praises shall never cease. Thy glory shall never end. Thy name shall be a joy to our souls for eternity. By thy hand we shall stand without spot or blemish. We shall delight in the precious blood of the Lamb. My God, thou art truly magnified in glory. O how I adore you. You have shown me your ways and I delight in them. Your glory shall not be kept low; it shall be lifted up on High. It shall glory; thy hand is great. O LORD my God, the lifter up of my glory, let all my praises be excellent before you. In thy name, let all the saints rejoice. I have seen your love, my God. Truly the heavens are high but the love of God is higher. To God be glory eternal. Let this be a testament to the love of God. Let his name stand alone on High. Let it be exalted forever. Thou art marvelous in all thy ways. Thy beauty exceeds all others. O Father, my God, my darling, my blessed hope, bring forth thy hand and lay it upon me. Let your blessings be excessive, not only on me but also on all the saints. We need you LORD; shine your light upon us. Help us to stand in truth, shining for all to see the glory of the most High God. Let my blessings beseech you. Let them cloak you and honour you and delight your soul. Let glory come by thy hand only, then shall my heart rejoice.

O LORD my God, my glory, thou have been good to me. Guide my path, O LORD. Lead me and I shall follow. Let thy hope come before me; let thy glory beseech me. Thy name, O LORD, is excellent in all the land. O rivers of great waters magnify the LORD. O oceans that swell up with mighty waves, give glory to the LORD my God. Bless his name, O stars of the heavens. Hold back not your rejoicing, O children of the LORD. Make haste; come forth; lift up thy hands and magnify the glory of God. Bring your praises before the gates of righteousness and let them magnify the LORD. Let them lift up his glory on High. O glory, O glory, lift up my God. He is the most High God. He is my darling, my blessed hope, my righteousness. Let his ways prevail forever. Let his beauty blossom before us. O LORD, my glory, my everlasting God, be magnified forever and ever. Amen. The LORD is great. Power and glory is the LORD’S. Let his soul be blessed and let his rejoicing never cease.


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