Father, your word is true and it shall remain that way, from everlasting unto everlasting!

He was in the world and the world was made by him; and the world knew him not. He came unto his own and his own received him not. But as many as received him, to them give he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name (John 1:10 – 12).

When we believe God and desire to please him, putting all our hope and trust in him, clinging to him in fear [with reverence and wisdom] because our lives depend on him, we will see the power of God in our lives and we will please God.

But man has turned away from God, clinging to other men, trusting in the traditions and the rudiments of men, honoring men and other gods, and bringing sorrows before God. Man desires evil more than good. They will not flee from it. They desire the rudiments, the traditions of men. Instead of turning to God and trusting him, they lean to their own understanding. They believe that evil pleases God. Is God evil that you will bring evil before him and believe that he should be pleased? How can you make a mockery of Christ my God, and believe that you are glorifying him? Did God say to celebrate Christmas anywhere in the Bible? Yet you consider it worthy to decorate your houses with ornaments and wickedness and think that they will please God. Well I am here to tell you that you cannot please God by doing evil. You cannot please God by honoring other gods. You cannot please God with this celebration of drunkenness and disorder and disobedience. You cannot please God by associating him with lies and fictitious characters like santa, Rudolph the red nose reindeer, etc. YOU CANNOT PLEASE GOD IF YOU WILL NOT COME TO HIM IN TRUTH. You cannot please God if you believe that evil is good. You cannot please God if you greet each other with merry Christmas. I tell you the truth – this is not a righteous celebration. There is nothing holy about it. Be ye holy as I am holy, saith the LORD. This celebration has nothing to do with God. It has nothing to do with Christ. Because you attach his name to ‘mas’ and drag it down into the mud that does not make it right. This has nothing to do with the holy and righteous and most High God, who is the God of truth. He is not the God of error. He is not the God of corruption. He is not the God of destruction. But he is Faithful and True. Will you not break away from the errors of men and from worshipping other gods? If Christ is in you what fellowship do you have with devils? Will you not depart from your old ways and seek the truth? Why will you not look to the righteous God for truth instead of men? Who is man that you cleave to him and not God, and follow after his errors and despise the truth? Who is man that leads you to hell and you follow after him so blindly? My God wants to know. Who is man that seeks not the ways of God, yet you follow after him? This celebration honours the devil. It is a deception wrapped in falsehood, decorated with bells and whistles, and songs of enticement. If it penetrates the heart and mind it must be good. I tell you, turn evil upside down; cast it into hell. But seek the truth of the living God. Seek it; for your souls depend on it. No good thing can come from devil worshipping. Destruction is lurking behind this package. And many keep opening it. All you will find is death. There is no life in this, saith the LORD. Depart from it. If you are doing this in ignorance, then I am telling you that this has nothing to do with Christ and depart from it. It has nothing to do with my God. God will hold you accountable for this if you continue in your errors. If you know the truth and desire not to do it he will hold you accountable. Repent, repent, repent from your sins and seek the LORD. Do the things that honour God and lift up my Christ, then shall you please God in the heavens. Then shall the LORD God Almighty rejoice and his rejoicing shall not turn to sorrow. My God shall have glory. If not by your hand, he will have it by the hand that seek him in truth and honours him and obey him. Let my God be blessed. Let him be praised and exalted, even today, by the hands of the saints, the elect of the living God, the blessed hope of Zion, the chosen of the most High God. Glory will abound. Zion shall rejoice and I shall be glad.

Father of righteousness and truth, let clarity come to your people. Hide not your truth from them, my God. Open their eyes that they may see glory and abide by thy words. I bless you, O LORD God, that your riches are not hidden from the elect. Let your praises be magnified before all men. Let your glory be esteemed in the highest. Let your rejoicing never cease. For all eternity, let my God be praised. Amen.


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