LORD, what can a man do without you? What can he be without you? Where can he go, lest the LORD allows it? Thou art God of all the heavens and the earth. This truth you have put into my heart, that I shall turn to you who rule over all things. O LORD, thy way is always right and man aught to honour that. Look at the things of thy hand and the infinite measure of thy glory, can a man begin to truly understand that? Thou art God. Truly thou art my God, lest my days be old and crocked. Men aught to lift up thy name in all the land and then do it over and over again; for that name is an excellent name, a name of exaltation and of glory. My God, truly the most High God is excellent. All that you do is worthy of praising. My heart is longing to exalt thy name. For how much joy can a man have, lest he praises the LORD? Make thy riches to blossom before me and lay thy treasures in my path: and I shall exalt thee with gladness and proclaim the good things of my God before the sons of men. Lift up the LORD. Mighty is the LORD. Great is he that created all things heaven and earth.

All the vanities in the world means nothing, lest the LORD is my God. What can a man do who goes down into the pit? Shall he then say it is well with him or shall he then mourn with miseries? Thou art God Almighty. You have laid down your treasures before men that they may partake of what is good and acceptable before thee. You have not withheld your truth, nor have you hid it. O LORD my God, bring forth your treasures my God; for my soul desires it. Let them abound in thy grace and pour your blessings upon them. My God, my heart is indicating a good things, that I should bless thy name forever. So let it be, that the glory of my God shall be magnified. O Father, thou art everlasting glory and my King. Thou art the essence of my soul, the fabric of my being. Truly thou art my God. O blessed hope, my sunshine, my joy, my darling, my first love, lift up thy hand, O LORD, and rejoice. Let my praises continually bless you. Thou art everlasting God who prospers in all thy ways. Thou art my God; so let it be.


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