Blessed be thy name, O LORD my God, who have lifted me up to higher ground. Blessed be the most High God; in his name we shall glory. Blessed be my God of judgment, who have shown justice and righteousness. Blessed be the Holy One of Israel, who is upright, and only speaks the truth. Blessed be my God, who decree and so shall it be. Blessed be the LORD whose judgment is right, and whose testimonies have caused my soul to rejoice. Blessed be my God, who sitteth on his throne, High, above all others, and yet considers me. Blessed be the most High God.

LORD, I stretch forth my hands and exalt thee, my God; for thou art such an awesome God. Marvelous are thy ways. Thou have made my soul to mourn for thee, and to delight in thy ways. O great God, my Counselor, my confidant, my love, O how I adore you. You walk with me and talk with me that I shall know right from wrong. All my steps are guided by thy hand. O LORD my God, how many praises shall I give unto thee? All my treasures shall I lay before thee, O LORD; for it pleases me to praise thy name. Make glad the riches of my soul, O LORD, and I shall exalt thee without measure. Let it be, O LORD God, that my soul will lift thee up to the ends of the earth, and magnify your glory. And let no man hinder the glory of my God. So let it be that the name JEHOVAH is everlasting unto everlasting. O Father, you are my joy and my salvation, my everything; be exalted, O LORD God, without measure. Hear me great One and rejoice in my praises, now, and forevermore.

The LORD is blessed forever and his name shall glory in all the land. O Father, let it be that this day which the LORD has made that your rejoicing shall be magnified. In all the land I shall say, the LORD is blessed forever. Mighty is the God I serve. Great is my God who have laid down the foundations of the earth.

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