THE PESTILENCE OF THE LORD IS UPON US. Make haste and girdle thyself with righteousness. And make thyself ready for the day of mourning. Rejoice in this truth and fear not the will of God, his power and glory, he that liveth for justice and truth; for the hand of God is with thee. Fear not the working of the power and the glory of God, he that is with faith and has made a covenant with God. For today the mourners shall mourn but he that is with the LORD shall rejoice tomorrow. In his judgment yet shall you find hope. In his truth yet shall you find glory. In his justice yet shall you rejoice. Pestilence is coming, saith the LORD my God. Behold, the vengeance of the LORD is upon us. Wickedness has corrupted this earth. Sin has magnified this earth. Evil is everywhere. Man has lost sight of the kingdom of God. They have trampled on righteousness, but have clung to wickedness. They say, It is better to do evil than to do good. All but vanity has risen up and who shall bring it down? I am the LORD thy God, the everlasting God, who shall bring down the high and mighty and lift up the lowly. I shall bring terror among men and they shall know that I am the LORD, thus saith the LORD.

The LORD is God Almighty. His power and strength shall reign with supremacy. Make thy way straight. Repent of thy sins. Repent; repent; repent; for the day of the LORD is upon us.

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