O great and wonderful God of Zion, with the joys of my heart I shall exalt thee. All my treasures of jubilation I shall bring before you. With great exaltation, I shall magnify your name. The LORD is Almighty God whose chariots are twenty thousand, even thousand of angels: the LORD is among them, as in Sinai, in the holy place (Psalm 68:17). Thou art, O LORD, everlasting unto everlasting glory. Thou have established thy ways; even before the foundations of the earth, thou art God.

Great God JEHOVAH, mighty God of Israel, thou have created the heavens and the earth and all therein. From everlasting unto everlasting, my God is blessed. Who can fight against my God? Do the wicked have any knowledge? All their wisdom is tossed up in the wind. Vanity begot vanity. All is vanity. But thou, O God, is everlasting unto everlasting. Righteous and holy is my God. Who can compare his faithfulness? All thy wars thou have won. Where are they who fear not my God? Mountains crumble at thy presence. At thy power the storm stands still. Who knows the extent of thy glory? Thou have parted the red sea and destroyed Pharaoh’s hand. All but miseries have come upon him that he shall know who is the great God of Israel. All that stand against you shall be destroyed. The LORD is God Almighty. My God shall reign with supremacy. I shall lift up my God on High and I shall call out his name. O RIGHTEOUSNESS, O great and mighty God, be exalted without measure. My King, my glory, my everlasting truth, rise up and rejoice. Upon Zion, the LORD is magnified. At thy presence, O LORD, who can withstand thy glory? Thy beauty of holiness is exceedingly rich. Because thou art LORD and God above all lords and gods, thy name shall be magnified forever. Without measure, thy name shall be exalted on High. In all the land, the name JEHOVAH shall be magnified with praises. For this I say, with the joys of ten thousand rivers, magnify the LORD my God. Stretch forth thy hands in jubilation and praise Almighty God. O Father, blessed be the name of my God. Blessed be my strength, my protector, my God who fights for me.

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