O righteous and loving God, how excellent is thy ways, my LORD? The joys of heaven are exceedingly rich with thy blessings. O LORD my God, thou art forever magnified in truth. All my soul rejoices because of thee. How tremendous is thy mercy and thy grace and thy lovingkindness? The LORD is God Almighty. Who then shall bring forth truth and it shall stand up like a high tower? Who shall lay down the foundation of the earth and it shall rejoice with gladness? The LORD is God Almighty. Great is the God of the highest heaven. Great is the God who ordained strength to babes and sucklings. Let us lift up our God of strength, our everlasting hope, and glory. Because of him we can lift up our heads to the heavens, and delight in his majesty. The LORD is our God and his glory shall be magnified forever.

Who shall proclaim liberty, lest he be the LORD, whose right hand is the strong arm of everlasting glory? Let the praises of my God be magnified in truth. Even from thy veins, rejoicing shall come. In the name of the LORD, lay it down with a magnitude of joy. Lay it down with the joys of many sunshine. O rivers of waters, magnify the LORD my God. Jump for joy, O mountains; how high is thy beauty? How strong is the hand that created you? Marvelous is the hand of God. Marvelous is my God who have laid down treasures and yet shall they glory. Let everything that liveth praise the LORD. Jump for joy, ye that is with life. The LORD sustains all that liveth. And who shall be thy helper if thou shall fall? Is not the God of Israel who shall deliver thee and lift thee up? Is not the everlasting light and glory who shall shine upon thee? The LORD is our strength and our banner. How many has this God lifted up? How many now dance and sing with thankgiving? Because the LORD sheweth mercy many dwell in hope. His mercy endureth forever. In all the land, the mercy of God endureth forever.

Magnify the LORD in all the land. Shout to thy neighbors with gladness. Say to them, the LORD God Almighty is a good God. I have seen God’s precious hand. O how he healed the sick and bring comfort to their souls. The LORD is God and who shall believe shall endure in the beauty of holiness. Let the wings of eagles fly high. Let them fly high and praise the LORD my God. The LORD is my God; all my thoughts shall dwell in hope. All his beloved shall rejoice with gladness. We shall lift up our God on High and magnify his blessed name. Blessed be our God, our King, our glory. Blessed be the joys of many rivers and the joys whose greatness is greater than ten thousand stars. O LORD God Almighty, in all thy beauty array with glory.

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