JEHOVAH, the blessed hope of the world and of righteousness shall rejoice. The LORD God Almighty is everlasting unto everlasting. Before the foundation of the world he was God. And there was no other. He is God all by himself.

The earth is the LORD’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein (Psalm 24:1).

I will lift up my God and exalt his name with gladness. Even in the midst of the heathen, my God will be glorified. What shall the wicked say then, that the God on High, the only living God is his God? I will declare his truth that he is God. I will stand with God because he stands with me. The great I AM THAT I AM is my God. Glory shall come but only by his mighty name. Stand up with righteousness all that desire the faithfulness of my God. Make your way straight before him. Rise up no more with corruption. Seek this God in truth. The God who delivered Daniel from the lion’s den and Israel from bondage, who have broken the hand of Pharaoh and nullified his power and his strong hold and poured out desolation upon his people and plagued them with pestilence and caused them to mourn with miseries, is my God. Let it be known in all the land that the God of Israel is the Almighty God. Those who fight against him shall be defeated. I stand with JEHOVAH, my God, and bring you this truth. Those who eat of it shall live. But those who despise it shall not prosper. Glory shall come by the hand of Almighty God. Only by his hand shall man glory. For mighty is the ways of my God. JEHOVAH shall rise up and defend his throne against all enemies. His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. He shall rise up with vengeance and his wrath shall be kindled. He shall rise up and break the neck of the serpent. The God of Israel shall reign in supremacy against all who stand up against him. My God is magnified in this truth. Know you not that the LORD is my God? Know you not that the right of God is a strong hand? Why wage war against the Almighty God? Why make thyself wayward? All thy thoughts are for vanity. All thy ways are for desolation. Destruction is at thy feet. But the LORD God Almighty shall flourish like the lillies of the valley. Like the sunshine shall he rise up with glory. Like the dawn, full of happiness and good fortune, shall he rejoice. The LORD is my God and his soul shall dwell in peace. He shall be cloaked with honor and glory. Power and strength are in his midst. Glory upon glory, exceedingly rich, shall crown him. All the joys of the heavens shall beseech him. For this I shall say, blessed be the LORD God Almighty, forever and ever. From everlasting unto everlasting his kingdom shall reign. All of righteousness shall beseech it. Amen and Amen.

My God liveth forever! JEHOVAH, my God, the great I AM THAT I AM, is magnified in this truth. Blessed be the name of my God forever!

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