The LORD will open my eyes to see his beauty and to dwell in hope. LORD God Almighty, because you have open my eyes to see thy beauty and to dwell in hope, I will lift you up to the ends of the earth. I will exalt you with gladness. With joy shall I comfort the sick. I shall bring thy hope and thy confidence before them. The LORD shall glory and the magnitude of it shall be exceedingly well. His name shall rise up before the sons of men and they shall praise him. Because the LORD is my God, I will dwell in hope. I will say to the sick, the LORD God Almighty will take it away. It will go; today it shall go. Healing will come; for the LORD my God has started it. And if he start it he will finish it. O how I love this God who comes to my aid and restore my confidence. Who will say do this and do that and it shall be done? Lest the LORD is my God, I will not go. I shall wait on this God. I shall wait on his counsel; for it is good. The LORD will glory. Even in the midst of the heathen he shall glory.

Because you have open my eyes to see thy beauty, with hope shall I rejoice in your name. The LORD is great: Almighty is his name. How precious is his hand that carry the souls of his servants? How precious is this God who will not go away? He is the mighty healer, the great deliverer, who came to declare truth and truth stand up with vigor. The LORD is God and his way shall prevail; for I am a witness and I testify to the glory of God. I testify to his righteousness. In my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I testify. I testify in the glory of God and his heavenly blessings. I testify in the liberty of Christ and my God. I testify because the mighty hand of God has come to restore hope and to declare righteousness. He has come to resurrect the dead and to give them hope. The LORD will glory. Upon the holy hill of Zion he shall dwell in peace. O yea, the LORD’S beauty is magnified in this truth. I will call on the LORD my God who never fails. With hope shall the glory of God dawn with sunshine. Like eagles shall it fly. With joy shall it abide, and with rejoicing. The LORD is God Almighty; forever shall be his glory.

The LORD is God; he sheweth mercy and grace. He giveth hope to the hopeless. He comforts the poor and the widow. He looks upon the destitute and considers them. The LORD is good. Upon this earth is his glory. Who is like this God of Israel who delights my soul? Who is like this God of Elijah who opens my eyes to see his beauty? All his glory stood up for joy. O how faithful is the LORD who hears the voice of his servants? The LORD is God, from everlasting unto everlasting. Bring not corruption before him. But lay down all your treasures of righteousness. In Christ Jesus, the LORD shall glory. Call on him and cease not in the violent day. Fear not evil; for the LORD my God has already conquered it. Victory is the LORD’S. Victory is the mighty God we serve.

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