My testimony that YAHOVAH ELOHIM, is my saviour, my great and faithful GOD. Ahmein.

Righteousness shall rise up with glory. Truth comes to me on the wings of a dove. Our Father is faithful in all his ways. I have seen the depths and heights of ELOHIM (GOD). He will protect his own. The hand of God is a hand of security. It is a sure thing to dwell in the hand of the LORD. It is a sure thing to be a child of God. It is a sure thing to be washed in the blood of Yeshua the Christ. It is a sure thing to be govern by the Spirit of Righteousness, the Holy Spirit, the set apart Spirit for the children of everlasting glory. Obedience to the Ruach Ha’ Kodesh (the Holy Spirit ) is the joy of the LORD. As the wind blow, let the Holy Spirit come forth with the blessings of YAHOVAH, my GOD. The foundation of truth is in his hand. Nothing but the truth, cometh from the LORD. Let his truth abound in my heart. Let it govern my heart and soul. Let the glory of my God cloak me bountifully. Yea, I shall be the head and not the tail. I shall rejoice in the goodness of Zion and the beauty of holiness. The LORD who is my GOD shall stand tall with glory. The light of my GOD shall beseech the children of hope and everlasting righteousness. In Christ we live. Yea, I say it again: In Christ we live. Light shine upon the faces of his beloved. Elohim’s (God’s) truth they held in their hands. The Kingdom of GOD is an everlasting kingdom. And all the ways of the LORD my GOD shall prosper. I shall rejoice in the prosperity of the LORD because I am a priest under Christ who is my High Priest, under the order of Melchizedek.

I have seen the faithful of GOD. I have seen this glory, this heavenly glory. How many years will this GOD carry his servant? How many years have the LORD stood in my court? From the hands of the devil, the triumphant glory of GOD yet abound. The love of GOD is everlasting. He bringeth wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to me. Righteousness he has given to me by his begotten Son Yeshua [Jesus], the anointed one. And he has shown me his heavenly glory . The hope of my joy is exceedingly great. For my name is written in the Book of Life. The LORD has considered me in his thoughts. He has not hid his word that bringeth forth life to me. YAHOVAH is my ELOHIM [the LORD is my GOD]. I am a believer in this GOD and only this GOD. I will live under the wings of my GOD. I will exult in his goodness and mercies. The name of the LORD will be praised. My tougue shall bring forth the goodness of him. The depths of hell shall not prevail against me. He is my Light that cometh in the morning. He is my light that stood bright in the night. Blessed be the mighty name of YAHOVAH. Blessed be Yahovah my Elohim, the GOD who created the heaven and the earth. Forever and ever, the goodness of my God shall prevail and I shall partake of his glory. So let it be. Ahmein.


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