The blessed hope of righteousness has beseeched me. And the bountiful grace of the LORD my God has gripped my soul. Shall a man desire what is right and yet shall he fail? I shall build my church upon this rock and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. What glory shall come and what hope shall dwell in the gates of the righteous. The LORD has kept me in his hand. He carries me. On the wings of an eagle I shall fly. The God of heavens hear the voice of his servant. The LORD is my God. Before the foundation of the world, the goodness of the LORD blessed my soul. Truth follows me – I cannot run from it. The hand of God is upon me. His goodness and mercies encroached me, that I should proclaim the goodness of God. Who shall consider life and not God? Who shall prosper and yet not call upon God? Can a man accomplish anything that is good without God? For there is One that is good; there is One that is true; there is One that is RIGHTEOUS. He is the LORD my God. My hope shall dwell in a place of comfort. Peace shall fill my heart and remain. The joy of the LORD is with me. The beauty of holiness has called out my name. O mighty God who prosper in the land, who glory unto everlasting, unto everlasting, thy hope of righteousness has risen to the height of heaven. Thy joy, O LORD God, is a beauty to behold. Truth is in thy hand. The blessed hope of the heavens dwell with thee. The earth is also yours. And who shall say that my LORD shall not have his way on this earth? Who shall say that the hand of God shall not glory? And how many lies have the depths of hell taken? The LORD God is Almighty in all his ways. And this God, in whom I put my truth, is faithful unto everlasting glory. Blessed be the LORD my God forever. Blessed be the hand of Almighty God that created the heaven and the earth, and all therein. Amen.

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