Heavenly Father, I come to you seeking forgiveness for my sins, not on my own accord, but in Christ Jesus thy beloved and blessed Son. In him I shall be deemed worthy to praise thy blessed and holy name. O LORD, I come before you with gratitude, gratitude without measure, for those who have received healing by thy mighty hand. O LORD, how much have become believers in you O LORD? How much have praised thy name, and give you glory? O Father, thy name shall be glorify. The living shall bless thee. I have seen the prosperity of my God. My soul is joyful. My heart dance for joy. My days are sweeter when I seek thy face. You have brought peace to me. This peace I do not understand but I glory in it. I know thy works – it is upright. Thy path is straight and narrow. The blessed hope of righteousness jump for joy in the midst of the saints. The glory of God is in the midst. The counsel of God is exceedingly well. It is rich with the heights and the depths of thy glory. And who shall depart from thy ways like a coward? Who shall seek to save his life yet shall he lose it? Let us walk behind thy steps of glory. Thy truth we shall follow. Thy comfort we shall embrace. Thy goodness and mercies shall rest upon our shore. And the fruits of thy hand shall be rich, flowing with the goodness of God, and the blessed hope of righteousness. O LORD, to you I deemed everlasting unto everlasting, glory without end, the light that shineth in darkness. You are a mighty God. And what hope does the LORD hold in his bosom? What joy cometh from the LORD? Men who seek thee in Spirit and in truth shall come to know of thy riches and thy beauty. They shall dwell in hope, full of the delights of the LORD.  They shall bless thee and honor thee. And the joy that cometh from their bellies shall arise with glory, glory of the God on High.  Yea, the LORD is my God. And the indwelling of the Holy Spirit rejoices in this truth. Abounding glory of the LORD has risen in my midst. The hope of the living God shall prosper. Will my God not have his glory? Behold, I bring to you the name of the LORD my God. I bring to you the hope of the hand that created the heavens and the earth. I bring to you the mighty Counsellor, the most High God. Mighty is the LORD. I bring to you the King of kings and the LORD of lords. I bring to you the mighty healer, the Christ. I bring to you WONDERFUL, blessed hope and glory. I bring to you RIGHTEOUSNESS, the light of the world. I bring to you Jesus Christ of Nazareth, my LORD and my God. I bring to you the Prince of peace.  O people of the living God, stretch forth thy hand and seek the LORD my God. Stretch forth thy hand and behold the glory of Almighty. Be not timid. Be not afraid. But come forth, just as you are. The LORD is with me. Behold, I bring you the beauty of the living God. Before him there was no other God. Come and witness the hand of everlasting hope and glory. Come and seek the hand of righteousness, the hand of purity, the hand of liberty, the hand that giveth life and taketh away death. Come and seek the keeper of the gates of paradise. Come, I tell you. It is well to seek the LORD my God, the everlasting Father.  What glory shall the soul of a man have that dwell in darkness? But the depths of hell. Today the abounding hope of the glory of God, full of grace and mercy, is knocking at your door. Open thy door and receive the blessed hope of righteousness. Open the door; for the LORD is standing on the other side. The mercy of the LORD has come before you. Do not let it pass you by. This grace is abounding with glory of the blood of the Lamb of God. Come and receive life; for the LORD is calling you today. Let today be the day that you rejoice in the hope of Zion. Let today be the day that salvation has beseech thy soul. O LORD God Almighty, thy hand is a merciful hand. Thy hope is rich with mercy. Thy grace is exceedingly High; who can understand it? Let every man who come to you rejoice in thy glory. Let their hearts be full of thy peace. Comfort them, O LORD. Let thy light shine upon the hill. Let it shine upon the mountain top. And let thy beauty crown them with thy joy of everlasting life and of righteousness. Let the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth guide their thoughts. Let their hearts be renewed. Let their minds be transformed. Let the joy of the LORD abound with a glorious hope. O blessed Savior, my thanks for you dwell with thy glory, and the joy you have bring forth to my soul. Let my hand praise you O LORD. Forever and ever, let my God rejoice by my hand. Amen.

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