Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit. Then will I teach transgressors thy ways; and sinners shall be converted unto thee (Psalms 51:12 – 13).

As children of the living God we are to glory in Christ. We glory in Christ by doing the work of our God. We are saved by grace and not by works that any man should boast. But now that we are saved, the work we worketh is to honor the words of our God. He worketh a good work in us that we also may shew this good work to the world. This hopeful salvation, the glory of the LORD we behold is joyful to our souls. We dwell in this hope of righteousness, a glory of perfection, truly a wonder we dare to understand. The world knoweth not this love. But we do. This joy is so joyful who can contain it? Who can keep this love of God and not share it? Who can selfishly endear so much love and not share it to the world? Our cup runneth over. The hand of God is bountiful indeed. We share this hopeful glory to the world in hope that Christ shall glory in the perfection of the Father, our Father. In that the image of beauty is restored in a hopeful glory. We glory in the image of Christ our God, transformed into the image of our Father. This hopeful glory we share to the world that they too may glory in Christ. For the image that once was, as it was in the beginning, was defamed by sin. But Christ, the restorer of our hope, the Lamb of God, taketh away the sins of the world. Who believes in Christ, in this God, in the resurrection of the living God, shall also live. Death has no hold. It is defeated. The blood of our precious Lamb of God avails much. With the cleansing of the blood we glory. We glory in this hopeful redemption. We glory in righteousness through Christ. We glory in the image of God the Father, justified, glorified, unto the perfection of God. Who can sever this bond between Father and Son? For we also are sons of God, adopted in the glorious lineage with Christ unto the Father, kindred with the Holy Spirit of truth. This world shall live in Christ. All the sorrows of the world shall vanish for those who believe in Christ. From everlasting unto everlasting, the joy of the LORD shall behold us. There is perfection in the beauty of God. The hand of God is indeed wonderful. Indeed it is!

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