Thou art worthy, O LORD, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created (Revelation 4:11).

The LORD my God is a joy to my soul. What a mighty God we have? Honor and glory shall beseech my God. All the power and the glory is the LORD’S. This truth I shall glory. All the days of my life I shall glory in the beauty of the LORD. The LORD is blessed. The LORD is blessed forever. Let the rivers rage with joy. Let the waves of the oceans swell up to honor thee O LORD. Let the eagles rise up to the heavens with thy grace. O LORD, let the heavens rejoice in thy name. The earth is thy footstool; let it praise my God. O people of the living God, rise up, rise up, rise up, and glorify the LORD. It is he who have made us and not we ourselves. The hand of the LORD is blessed. Great and mighty is our God. O LORD God, who is like unto thee O LORD? Thy truth is declared and it stand. It stand like many mountains. All thy glory is upon the earth. The heavens rejoice in thy goodness and mercy. The stars honor thee with their brightness. The moon dance for joy at night. O how bright is the Morning Star? And thy dewdrops is a comfort to our souls. The glory of thy hand we proclaim. We proclaim the goodness of the LORD. His righteousness we put on High. His holiness is elated; we exalt it in the Highest. Above all, thy glory is known. In all the land you have declared what is right. O Father, upright is thee, O Lamb of God. Joy mount up on joy because you are my LORD. Who shall search the depths for thy glory? Thy glory is everywhere. Who shall search the heights for thy glory? Thy glory is everywhere. O Father, before I speak thou knowest my thoughts. Honor and glory must come to thee O LORD God. Your beauty come in the morning. In the night I behold thy glory, thy joy. You bring clarity to thy servant. Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding you have put into my heart. My soul rejoices in thy goodness and mercy. You choose me when I know not thy name. For that I say, glory, glory, glory, hallelujah to the name of my God. My God is praised. The elect rejoice in thy name. Truth follow them; dishonor depart from them. They honor thee with boldness. They declare thy truth in all the land. The LORD my God is magnified. His soul rejoices. Glory is my God. Marvelous is he in all his ways. O LORD, how precious are thy feet? Thy servants bow to thee. They placed their crowns and honor thee. Worthy is thy name, O Lamb of God. Worthy is our God. The LORD shall rejoice. The goodness of his heart shall blossom in glory. Zion shall rejoice in the name of the LORD. Forever and ever, we will praise the LORD my God. Amen.

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